Suikyuu Yankees Wrap Up Post: The Mizu Tama Awards

"This is an A+ show about water polo"

“This is an A+ show about water polo”

So since I absolutely love this show and don’t want to let it go, I’ve got one last SuiYan post for you all. It’s a fun little thing I like to call the Mizu Tama awards!

Alright, I’ll be honest. It’s just an excuse for me to share some of the screencaps I didn’t get to use in my recaps. Feel free to join me in the fun!

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Suikyuu Yankees Episode 9 Recap/Review: Model Behavior

So I was thinking after last week’s episode, that there’s a distinct lack of yankees in a show that has yankees in the title. Sure, Naoya looks like a stereotypical yankee with his ridiculous hair and his clothing style. But he doesn’t really act like one. He doesn’t really go around starting fights (except for that one time he punched Mean VP in the face) and he’s not carrying around lead pipes and stuff like that. With that thought in mind, let’s see how this episode turns out.

Okay y’all, I’ve been fighting off a cold all week and sadly have no leeks to cure me. But just like the Mizu Tama boys do, I keep on rolling. Today’s episode theme is “Never give up! The possibilities are endless!” And we’ve got some discussion on the subject of role models. So let’s talk about it!

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Suikyuu Yankees Episode 7 Recap/Review: A Case of Mistaken Identity

suiyan 7 group meeting

So we’ve reached episode seven! And finally we have some conflict concerning Naoya! Even though Naoya is pretty much the main character, the story’s conflict has up until now centered around Ryuji. Naoya, on the other hand, has been gung-ho about water polo since the beginning. So here we have an episode that questions everything Naoya is about. Will he get kicked off the team and out of school? And how much does he really love water polo? Let’s find out!

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Suikyuu Yankees Episode 4 Review: Let’s Get Stronger! (cue the training montage)

So we have arrived at episode 4 and it was not the team’s first water polo match as the preview led us to believe. Instead, we get more character bonding, some back story (for Chiaki and his friend Kouki this time), and a nice training montage. In terms of pacing, it slows the plot a little which might not be best for such a short series, but we still got a lot of information and some fun happens. So let’s discuss!

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