Welcome Travelers!

Hello and welcome to the Notorious Rambler!

You may want to know a little more about this blog and about me. So here goes:

This blog is basically whatever I like to ramble about. That can be anything from American TV and Japanese media to thoughts on writing and translations. Whatever it is, I’ll try to make it fun! Look forward to reviews, recaps, recommendations, and most importantly, rambles!

So who am I? My username, jeffersonmunroe, is a random nickname my best friend gave me a long time ago. But you can call me Holly if you want. I love languages and writing (although I’m certainly not excellent at either one). I’m an optimist who always tries to find the positives in the negatives. Sometimes, I crochet some really terrible-looking scarves. I over-use hyphens when I write. And I don’t like when people’s eyebrows don’t match their hair color. That’s pretty much me in a nutshell.

You can also say hi to me on my rather unexciting Twitter.

Feel free to leave comments anywhere! Thanks for reading!


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