NCIS Los Angeles review: “Getaway”

Here’s my review of NCIS Los Angeles season eight episode “Getaway.” Please note that this isn’t a recap of what happens. I’m assuming that you’ve already seen the episode. There are spoilers in this review.

I was quite harsh on the previous two episodes because they didn’t seem to live up to the quality we’ve had all season. But “Getaway” was a return to form. There were many fun moments and a focus on undercover work again. And finally, Eric and Nell had their time in the sun (literally and figuratively), all making for an entertaining hour of TV.

One of the great things about this episode was seeing both Eric and Nell out in the field together, undercover nonetheless. While Nell gets this opportunity occasionally, Eric rarely does. It’s fun to see him out of his element and see how he reacts. This was the perfect opportunity for him considering that he didn’t really need to act much or use a weapon (except for when he blew up a car).

In addition, getting Nell and Eric out of Ops gives the audience a chance to observe how they interact in a different environment. We know how and what they do generally in Ops, so the audience doesn’t know what to expect out in the field. It was fun to see them play a couple and then go hiking in the woods simply because we hadn’t seen that before.

This episode also seemed to finally confirm that Eric and Nell are together romantically. It was pretty obvious before but most of their developing relationship happened offscreen. Although they’re not my favorite couple, it is nice to have some concrete evidence that they like each other instead of just passing comments about moments we didn’t get to see.

One thing that NCISLA tends to do quite well is humor. Deeks and Kensi basically play the comic relief part together this time. Normally it would be a little disappointing that that’s their only role in an episode, but after the stress they’ve been through all season, they deserve a fun break. Their banter kept everything from getting too bleak while the rest of the team investigated. Humor is a great way to keep the audience entertained.

The only real disappointment was that Sam and Callen didn’t get a chance to team up again. Callen still has a few loose ends to tie up, but hopefully they’ll be back bantering together soon. The Joelle storyline has ceased to be interesting anymore. Let’s let the past stay in the past, so the team can move on.

Notes from the Boat Shed
*I asked on twitter (mostly jokingly) why Anna is always around when she’s supposed to have another full-time job with the ATF. Apparently she’s either STILL waiting for clearance to work with ATF or she’s on loan like Deeks is from the LAPD. I don’t mind Anna being around at all, but I wish they’d give us a real explanation!

*Do you think Eric was horrified by the prospect of having to wear pants and spent the car ride to the retreat complaining about it? I feel like he would.

*While we didn’t get Callen and Sam to team up, we did get a brief bit of banter about Sam’s car at the beginning which was fun. I’ve missed that.

*I could quote basically all of Deeks and Kensi’s scenes this week because they’re hilarious. But “we always keep marshmallows in the Audi” made me laugh the most.

*I hope the show just forgets Joelle exists and we can all move on from this weird plot twist. I just wanna find Sabatino

*Was I supposed to recognize the temporary tech guy? You know how bad I am remembering guest stars…

So what did you think? Like it or hate it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


7 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles review: “Getaway”

  1. Loved the review even though I disagree that NCIS:LA does humour well. *I* find most of the attempts at humour lame especially the ‘sexual’ ones like herbs for Deeks not being able to ‘get up’. I really enjoyed the Nell & Eric story line even though I hate that they have been ‘paired up’. I didn’t feel sorry for Callen in Payback but I did in this one when he learned he had been @#$%^&* Joelle while she had a 3 year old son at home. 😦 But you are right, that story line is no longer interesting. Too many questions generated from it and not intriguing ones, just ones that question the logic of how it played out. Tech guy was from the “Red” episodes. It was nice to see Hetty brought in an NCIS Agent and not some random person, lol. As for Anna, still don’t like her but yeah, it would be nice to know WHY she is ALWAYS available to fill in when she said she had applied at ATF and was waiting approval (or denial).

    • Everybody’s sense of humor is different! I can respect that. I just enjoy lame jokes 😛 (I will admit though that I hate the sexual jokes, and I always try to just forget they exist)

      The reveal that Joelle had a young kid was very shocking! I didn’t like that twist at all. But yeah, I’m hoping we’ll just move on from that story and focus on more interesting plot developments.

      Ah, I had forgotten about Red! That seems so long ago. I do agree it was nice not to bring in a random guy.

      Anna definitely grew on me over time, so I don’t mind her anymore. I’m curious whether we’ll get an explanation about her work situation by the end of the season.

      (I am SO SORRY for not replying sooner)

  2. I loved this episode! I think it’s high time that the Eric & Nell relationship gets past the awkward stage & moves ahead. As a couple, I think they are adorable, for lack of a better term.

    Now that Kensi & Deeks are well beyond their awkwardness, it’s fun to see them interact as an official couple as well as partners. Of anybody, they’re going to be the most understanding & supportive of Eric & Nell. I predict they will grow closer as time goes on.

    Back to Eric and Nell: I think that a friendship with Tara & Paul Nelson is a possibility. They connected well on the couple’s retreat, and they were at least partially responsible for rescuing Tara’s sister.

    The two new characters, Mikey Donaldson the NSA agent, and Dave Flynn the forensic specialist from NCIS Cyber have definite possibilities for recurring roles. Dave especially connected well with the team.

    Overall, I was impressed with this episode. I think the whole Joelle Taylor issue is now over, and Callen has his closure.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting! (I’m am very sorry I haven’t replied sooner)

      I agree that it was really nice to see actual development for Eric and Nell’s relationship, and that Kensi and Deeks’ relationship is going really well. You make a great point about support in the future. Everybody likes dating their coworkers on this show apparently 😛

      I wonder if Mikey and/or Dave will appear in future episodes too. I’m sure there will be lots of opportunities to bring them in later if necessary.

      I think Callen has moved on from the Joelle issue now as well. Hopefully the writers feel the same.

  3. Thank you for your review. I liked this episode very much but for me it just wasn’t the usual NCISLA. I enjoyed the humour which I agree they do well. Deeks and Kensi were very funny. They just seem so at ease with each other now. I still don’t care for Nell and Eric being out in the field and I don’t care if they are in a romantic relationship. It isn’t necessary that everyone be paired up. I like both characters very much but they belong in OPS. I don’t think that this is the last we will see of Joelle. Sabatino still must be found and she could play a part there. She should however play no part in Callen’s life. She has shown us and Callen what she is really like. He can forget her and move on with Anna. I do miss Callen and Sam together though even if we did get a little about the car. That’s my # NCISLA

    • I can see why this episode wouldn’t feel like a usual NCISLA episode. There weren’t nearly as many shootouts and explosions as usual 😛 I can see your complaints about Eric and Nell in the field. I appreciated the brief change of scenery, but I’m sure they’ll stay in Ops for most of the rest of the season. Somebody’s gotta do the computer stuff!

      Hm… I wonder if Joelle will help find Sabatino. Personally, I hope not, but we’ll see!

      Hopefully the rest of the season will give us lots of scenes of Sam and Callen working together again ^_^

      Thanks for reading and commenting! (I’m very sorry it took me so long to respond!)

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