Killjoys Season Two Review

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Here’s my review of Killjoys season two. Please note that this isn’t a recap of what happens. I’m assuming that you’ve already seen the season. There are spoilers in this review.

The new upbeat theme music for season two felt like a promise for Killjoys to up the action and adventure this season. And they certainly did (although it was a bit darker than the theme music suggested). The season was very ambitious as it weaved several storylines together to make everything more complex. I’m not sure the execution turned out as well as expected, but the ten episode run was entertaining nevertheless.

The thing that Killjoys does best is presenting a complex fictional universe. You can tell that the creator of the show and the writers have put a lot of thought into fleshing out the details of the place our main characters inhabit. There’s four distinctly separate locations—Westerlyn, Leith, Arkyn, and Qresh—with a complicated history and political situation. There’s a clear social class system and also a religious order. Everything is so detailed which makes the story’s setting seem as realistic as possible. That’s not always the case for every sci-fi show.

So with a complex setting, the show would benefit from a complex plot as well, and season two tried to up the ante with CONSPIRACIES! Lots of conspiracies and backstabbing (and front-stabbing) The trio spent less time doing their actual bounty-hunting job as the season continued in order to delve into the mystery of Khlyen and the Sixes, and also Old Town’s wall problem. I was a little disappointed when the killjoy work fell to the wayside, but it made sense with what they were investigating. And I would guess that it’ll be back to taking warrants and such next season when they pick back up. This season, however, spent its time wrapping up the story with Khlyen. He seemed the sort of (anti-)villain that would elude Dutch forever, always dangling the answers in front of her without ever giving them. So it was a nice twist to have him team up with the trio at the end and sacrifice himself. Khlyen didn’t leave us with all the answers but he had just enough to make it more interesting. (Although, I will say, I thought his death was a bit anticlimactic and I’m not sure Aneela will be a very compelling villain)

Season two’s biggest problem was just that it didn’t have time for character development, except for perhaps with Johnny. Dutch and D’av are pretty much the same at the end of the season as when they started. They never seem to be affected by anything from episode to episode. In season one, Dutch wouldn’t take kill warrants because she didn’t want to go back to her old ways. In season two, she has to kill several people including Sabine and the old monk. This should affect her, and it does within the episode, but it seems largely forgotten by the next. D’av too doesn’t seem to have changed much over the course of the season, except for seeming to get over his PTSD. Even Pawter, who loses her family just as she was making amends, doesn’t get much time to grieve the loss.

Johnny, however, falls in love, betrays for that love, loses that love, and then murders for that love. He also begins to doubt his commitment to being a killjoy. Most of the time he functions as the fun techie sidekick, but this season allowed him to grow as he had his own separate plot to deal with on the side. All of that affected him greatly and it will be interesting to see him in season three.

Overall, season two was a fun watch. Despite the numerous conspiracies upon conspiracies, the story moved along at a decent pace and answered some of the audience’s questions while still leaving enough for next season too. It was a good mix of funny and dark, and had a tone confident enough to pull it off.

Outstanding Warrants

  • One problem I didn’t mention: the death of so many female characters. We lost Pawter, Sabine, and Delle Seyah (although we didn’t actually see her die, so who knows for sure with her). While I didn’t want to lose any of the recurring male characters either, it’s frustrating that they’re still around at the end of the season, but we have no recurring female characters left. Hopefully, Clara with the robotic gun arm will stick around for next season to fill the void. (It’s always nice to see Stephanie Leonidas after Defiance got cancelled)
  • The dialogue on this show is particularly bad (especially D’av’s terribly lame jokes) but I… actually sort of like how terrible it all is. It’s crossed into “so bad it’s entertaining” territory for me
  • It would be nice if the next season would flesh out both Alvis and Pree’s characters more. But especially Pree because he’s merely a flamboyant gay stereotype right now. I love how he rocks the glitter and eye shadow, but it’s 2016 and he should be less of a stock character by now.
  • Favorite moment of the season? Mine might just be any time Lucy talks. I love her snarkiness so much.

So what did you think? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.


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