Dimension W series review

photo credit: funimation.com

photo credit: funimation.com

Here’s my series review of Dimension W. It’s not a recap of the series, but the review does contain very very mild spoilers. I’m reviewing the English dub version from Funimation.

I went into this series knowing absolutely nothing about it and came out pleasantly surprised. It’s a short twelve episode series centered around two main characters: Kyoma Mabuchi and Mira Yurazaki. The title Dimension W comes from the newly discovered dimension and it’s used as a main source of energy on Earth. Despite all the jargon the viewer has to keep up with—Collectors, Coils and Numbers, the Realm of Possibility—the series is not too difficult to follow. And the best thing is that the story is entertaining on a surface level and quite moving on a deeper level.

At first the story seems like your typical odd reluctant partnership. Kyoma is a Collector of illegally used coils who shuns all the coil technology in general. Mira is a robot created by one of the founders of the technology itself. The two are different in so many ways, which creates a good bit of narrative tension as Kyoma learns to work with Mira. Their friendship develops naturally throughout the series, and even though he still calls her “piece of junk,” you can tell that he says it with fondness by the time the story wraps up.

The story could have easily worked at that level the whole time and still would have been entertaining, but it’s much improved by the way the plot continues. As we learn more about Kyoma’s past and come to understand more about the coils and “possibility,” the story becomes something a bit darker and more tragic. It becomes a meditation on grief and how to deal with the things that are unchangeable. But the plot never gets too bogged down in this idea that it stops moving forward. Once the final arc of the story begins on Adrastea, the action keeps things exciting while the character stories provide the emotional core.

The shortness of the series is both a strength and a weakness. With only twelve episodes, the plot doesn’t lag too much. Anything that feels almost like pointless filler in the first couple episodes comes back into play later as something more important. The character introductions, like for Loser and Lwai, seem just like a diversion at first, but they play pivotal roles in the final few episodes. But the downside of having the plot move along at a reasonable pace is that some points don’t have time to be fleshed out. Kyoma’s time with the Beasts of Grendel and Mira’s backstory are things that could have been interesting to explore in more detail. [note: I learned later that this 12 episode series was adapted from 70 (!) chapters of manga, so it makes sense to cut some things out]

Dimension W is a series that’s put together well, through and through. I was immediately drawn into the characters and the setting right from the first episode. And when it was over, I felt like it had come to a satisfying conclusion. It’s definitely a story that engages a viewer and makes them feel a lot of different things. I would definitely recommend checking it out!


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