Dimension W series review

photo credit: funimation.com

photo credit: funimation.com

Here’s my series review of Dimension W. It’s not a recap of the series, but the review does contain very very mild spoilers. I’m reviewing the English dub version from Funimation.

I went into this series knowing absolutely nothing about it and came out pleasantly surprised. It’s a short twelve episode series centered around two main characters: Kyoma Mabuchi and Mira Yurazaki. The title Dimension W comes from the newly discovered dimension and it’s used as a main source of energy on Earth. Despite all the jargon the viewer has to keep up with—Collectors, Coils and Numbers, the Realm of Possibility—the series is not too difficult to follow. And the best thing is that the story is entertaining on a surface level and quite moving on a deeper level.

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