Elementary Review: “You’ve got me, who’s got you?”

photo credit: tvequals.com

photo credit: tvequals.com

Here’s my review of Elementary season four episode “You’ve got me, who’s got you?” Please note that this isn’t a recap of what happens. I’m assuming that you’ve already seen the episode. There are spoilers in this review.

Personally, I enjoy an Elementary episode the most when it’s fun combined with a touch of poignancy. I like to laugh but I also like to resonate on an emotional level with the episode as well. But not every one will have that same balance, which is fine because that would become boring. “You’ve got me, who’s got you?” was very entertaining to watch but lacked the emotional depth we usually get from Elementary.

Elementary usually takes the time to create interesting and quirky cases, and this one about vigilante superheroes is no exception. It had just the right amount of interest to make it an entertaining case, especially for those who like superheroes and comics. However, the mystery of solving the victim’s identity was much more fun to watch than solving his murder, and I wish that had been more of a focus. Because in the end, the case was closed predictably: it was the first person they talked to. The cases could certainly be improved by shifting the focus away from homicides and more towards other mysteries, even when the subject matter is fun.

Another thing to note is Sherlock’s reaction to the case. He was very disdainful about the whole masked superhero thing but it doesn’t really make sense why. As the “Standard Bearer” points out to Sherlock, he and Joan themselves are almost vigilantes without the capes because they’re not the police. And as Sherlock himself notes, the comic book heroes do stand for justice, which he admires. So why the snarkier-than-usual attitude? His quips were fun, but I just didn’t understand the character’s motivation behind them. I wonder if this is just a writer’s choice or if Sherlock’s demeanor continues to tie back into his reaction to his season opening relapse. There hasn’t been mention of it for a while, so I’m curious if there’s an overall plot or not.

The b-story this time was Joan-centric as she butts head with Papa Holmes again. But it’s really a replay of what we’ve seen time and time again. Morland is sleazy, Joan is wary, etc etc. The lack of anything new lessens the impact of this storyline. The only spark of interest comes at the end when Joan essentially hires the company mole for herself. This is a darker Joan than we’ve seen before and it’s intriguing. That is what I hope we get to explore in future episodes.

I think Elementary has been struggling some this season purely because of procedural fatigue. It’s easy to go through the motions and it feels like Elementary has settled into that groove. The overarching storyline with Morland has been slow moving with only a few points of interest along the way. As we get closer to the end of the season, I hope things will start to come together and pick up the pace.

Extra Case Files

  • Welcome to Elementary on Sunday nights. CBS scheduling continues to baffle.
  • The opening with Everyone was fun but disappointingly irrelevant.
  • Best line: “I was bitten by a radioactive detective”
  • Joan’s disappointment over Sherlock opening the comic packaging was amusing. Her brother may have been the geek, but she knows her stuff.
  • Gregson was basically only a cameo this time 😦
  • One of the ways the comic version of the Midnight Ranger died was “over a waterfall, locked in the embrace of his nemesis” Doesn’t that sound familiar…

So what did you think? Like it or hate it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


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