Elementary Review: “A View with a Room”

photo credit: tvequals.com

photo credit: tvequals.com

Here’s my review of Elementary season four episode “A View with a Room.” Please note that this isn’t a recap of what happens. I’m assuming that you’ve already seen the episode. There are spoilers in this review.

Elementary tried really hard to break out of the mold in “A View with a Room” but ultimately it was held back by sticking to what we usually see every week. The episode was still very fun to watch and full of intriguing twists. But the shift away from the exciting heist to the usual murder investigation was disappointing. The b-plot, however, was the best part of the episode.

We did not begin the episode with a dead body like so many procedurals do (including Elementary) are apt to do. Instead Sherlock is tasked with planning a sneak raid on a motorcycle gang’s hideout. It’s fun to watch as Sherlock goes to great lengths to figure out every last detail, including buying a sparkly dollhouse, moving all the furniture to the roof, and changing the locks. We don’t usually get to see this kind of case, so it’s a nice opportunity to o see Sherlock and Joan in a different sort of environment. But then, the dead body of  the undercover agent shows up and everything goes back to normal. Interrogations, motives, a visit to the morgue (looking nice after it was blown up last week). All the things we get to see them do every week. The case itself wasn’t too dull as the conspiracy plot twist was good. But after a while it becomes something we’ve already seen before.

On the other hand, the episode gave us an unexpected b-plot which included some nice insights into Sherlock’s mind and also provided my favorite Sherlock and Joan interactions of the season. After Moriarty, it makes sense that Sherlock would be wary of romantic relationships, so the potential in Fiona is unexpected. But not completely unwelcome. If the relationship goes anywhere, it’ll be interesting to watch. Their comfortable awkward interactions were my favorite parts and well-played by both actors. It’s a bit disappointing that we never got to see the conversation that Fiona enjoyed, but what the audience missed in the beginning can be made up for in future episode if anything develops.

In addition, we finally get to see Joan tease Sherlock about his love life for once. Usually the tables are turned. Lucy Liu plays Joan with the friendliest tone we’ve seen all season, which really helps to remind us that the two are still roommates and work partners but also good friends. Their partnership is the backbone of the whole show, but usually the most we see (especially lately) is concern for Sherlock from Joan. The teasing “in the vernacular of a pre-pubescent child” was a nice moment to demonstrate their dynamics again.

So overall, “A View with a Room” was about the same as every other Elementary episode. The strong b-plot outshined the main investigation. It’s still entertaining but Elementary might want to try smashing the mold sometimes.

Extra Case Files

  • Did the bees on the roof appreciate the sudden appearance of all that furniture? Are the bees still out there??
  • Something please give Gregson something to do.
  • The biker gang members were all terrible interior decorators, I thought, because that rug was ugly.
  • How did Joan sleep through Sherlock putting all that crap in her room?

So what did you think? Like it or hate it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


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