Agent Carter Review: “The Atomic Job”

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Here’s my review of Agent Carter season two episode “The Atomic Job.” Please note that this isn’t a recap of what happens. I’m assuming that you’ve already seen the episode. There are spoilers in this review.

I love watching a good heist. I can’t explain it but I really enjoy all the planning that goes into it and the tension of wondering how badly things will go wrong. So “The Atomic Job” finally makes some headway into the plot by putting our main characters on a mission for some atomic warheads. Again, the pacing of the story is slow as it takes half an hour to get to the actual job, but once that begins, the episode takes off in exciting ways.

Not that the first half of the episode wasn’t exciting too because it had its moments. Wilkes makes a discovery in the lab, Cal becomes increasingly frightened of his wife, Carter wears a wig, and Sousa proposes to Violet. Things slowly click into place for the heist, and while it’s not very action, it shows us more about each character. The Cal and Whitney interactions are the most interesting. Cal is the politician but he’s shown to be the weak one here. He’s always doing what other people tell him to do. His demeanor adds a tiny bit of sympathy to his character. He’s in over his head and he knows it. Whitney Frost, on the other hand, is as frosty as ever. Now that we know more about her scientific background, her precise and calculation demeanor makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense is the love triangle (square?) that returned this week. It’s hard to get invested in Sousa and Violet’s romance when all of it happened off screen before the season started. But maybe that’s the point, since it’s not going to last. His proposal scene was cute, but when they return to Violet’s place later, she’s pretty much confirmed that Sousa still has feelings for Carter. I didn’t think it was as obvious as she seemed to think. Wouldn’t anyone be overly concerned for someone who had been impaled? I digress, but my point is that the audience can’t really care about Sousa and Violet it we don’t get to see much of their relationship, so the emotional impact of that last scene between them is lost on the viewers.

But if the romance angle was a misstep, the heist was not. It was fun. All the normal heist requirements were met here: brining in people to complete the crew (Rose and Samberly), having things go wrong (Jarvis locked inside, Carter getting impaled), and the bad guy letting them escape (Frost doesn’t try to stop them from leaving). The group dynamic had a freshness to it and the race against time to beat Frost amped up the tension. Sure, the slo-mo group walk was silly, but this show needs that every now and then. As Frost continues her descent into villainy, I’m looking forward to seeing how Carter and the gang will stop her.

Notes in Disguise

  • “That was nothing like making a soufflé.” Jarvis continues to get the best lines on this show 🙂
  • Did anyone else think it was very careless of Sousa to leave Violet’s front door open when he broke in??
  • I’m sad that Wilkes has become Exposition Guy because he’s still stuck in the lab all the time.
  • Dottie is apparently going to appear next week. I didn’t think I’d look forward to her returning, but I am actually.
  • Every other TV show I’ve ever seen makes it seem like getting impaled and then removing the object is certain death. (Listen y’all, don’t watch Japanese medical dramas unless you want to be traumatized) So I was surprised how magically easy it was for them to keep Carter from bleeding out. I guess it’s main character immunity!

So what did you think? Like it or hate it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


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