Teen Wolf Review: “Codominance”

photo credit: mtv.com

photo credit: mtv.com

Here’s my review of Teen Wolf season five episode “Codominance.” Please note that this isn’t a recap of what happens. I’m assuming that you’ve already seen the episode. There are spoilers in this review.

I don’t really know what to say about “Codominance.” It was one of those episodes where nothing really happened. Except for Kira’s story, mostly everything else was inconsequential. It’s like the show is stalling for time because they don’t have enough material for as many episodes as they have. Seriously, I don’t understand what the point of all this is. But at least this episode had a strong theme to it: the “codominance” of the title.

As the biology teacher so helpfully explained, codominance is term referring to when two genes are paired up and they’re both equal (like AB blood type). You can take this idea and use it as a metaphor to describe both Kira’s inner struggle and the quiet power struggle between Scott’s pack and Theo’s. Kira’s inner kitsune takes over often to make sure they win the fight, but the cost is that Kira doesn’t have control anymore. Learning how to exist together in tandem is her goal. And Scott and Theo’s packs are sort of at odds with each other (of course) but also sort of allies at the moment? While the Beast is out there, they really need to be codominant so that they can take out the threat.

Of course, this all sounds nice in theory, but in the episode it falls flat. Is Kira’s problem something all kitsune’s go through? If so, why didn’t Mama Yukimura tell her anything before? Why wasn’t this a problem for her earlier? Is she not going to learn codominance now that Scott and Stiles rescued her? Watching Kira struggle is fascinating and a good opportunity for her character to grow, but I wish we’d seen more of it than a few fight scenes. And as for the other struggle for dominance, it makes no sense whatsoever. Which side is Theo actually on? Is he working for or against the Dread Doctors? His motivations have never been clear, so that makes it a problem. Scott and Theo are definitely heading for some sort of showdown for dominance later, but it would probably be more exciting if we actually understood what was going on.

I think this would have been a better episode if it had focused more on Kira’s struggle, and also Scott and Stiles’ roadtrip while cutting everything else out. It would have given us more time to focus on their characters and relationships. Scott and Stiles finally talk which is great because they haven’t done that much this season. (Where Scott’s apology though??) Kira gets some nice moments with her mother while out in the desert. All of that is potentially more interesting than Liam and Mason’s romantic plots, and Malia’s angry quest for her mother. Once the writers learn that action scenes are only interesting if the quiet moments before and after are good, then this show will finally be back on track.

All There in the Werewolf Manual

  • The Skinwalkers were pretty darn cool. Forget everything else. I’d watch a show about them.
  • As much as I’m not interested in the Desert Wolf plot, I would love for Shady Deaton to return. I miss him and his amazing exposition speeches.
  • Why are we bringing back Deucalion?? I mean, I realize Theo wants an Alpha but… really??
  • I liked that the biology teacher made the class do partner work and then told them not to talk. LOL
  • Scott doing a barrel roll out of the jeep was my legit favorite part of the episode. Why can’t we have more hilarious things like that happen??

So what did you think? Like it or hate it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


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