Sleepy Hollow Review: “This Red Lady from Caribee”

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Here’s my review of Sleepy Hollow season three episode “This Red Lady from Caribee.” Please note that this isn’t a recap of what happens. I’m assuming that you’ve already seen the episode. There are spoilers in this review.

So I skipped reviewing last week’s episode because I mistakenly thought the Bones crossover would be more of a standalone episode. As it turns out, last week’s episode continued to further Pandora’s evil plan while also tying Jenny and Joe’s storyline back to Abbie and her boss. It was not a bad episode even if Booth and Brennan were just shoe-horned in. But building off that episode, we have this week’s “This Red Lady from Caribee” which is a pretty interesting and entertaining episode.

The strength of this episode comes from the tone. This is done through several camera tricks and different shooting angles. Generally, I tend to stick to reviewing the writing because I’m not really qualified to comment of directing techniques, but they’re worth noting in this episode. We start off with a slow-motion close up of fire, a knife, and Crane’s face, making it look like he may be in danger. It’s a fake out of course (and one easily spotted I think), but it establishes the idea that things are not always what they seem. As the episode continues, we get strange camera angles on Pandora as she makes her evil moves, such as an overhead shot that pans down to her face. That makes her feel even more otherworldly than she already is. During the fight with the Red Lady, the camera work is frantic and fast-paced, making it a visual signifier of the swarm they’re up against. Combined together, this all sets a spooky tone for the episode. And it’s important to have a visual tone that matches the story. If things were normal, there would not be as much impact while the audiences watches.

Not only was the feeling of the episode good, but the plot wasn’t too bad either. Things are finally starting to happen. As the Witnesses discovered, Pandora’s monsters were just her opening warm-up act. Her plan is all coming together. Even though we still don’t know what will come of her disappearance into the magic tree, things will definitely be different when she returns. We only got a taste of what Pandora may be planning as we watch her dress up in a fancy dress and lets her hair down, and her almost anti-climatic disappearance into the tree is enough to make us want more. In addition, we get just a bit more of the Shard of Anubis storyline. The mysterious object wasn’t that interesting when it was just a bit of rock we knew nothing about. But now that it dissolved into Jenny’s hand, the stakes are raised. We still don’t know what that means, but if Jenny’s last scene is any indication, it’s not going to be good for her. It’s okay for Sleepy Hollow to be a Monster of the Week kind of show, but it’s definitely improved by having a continuing overall storyline throughout the season. Both Pandora and the Shard finally seem interesting enough to be season-long story arcs.

“This Red Lady from Caribee” was a pretty solid episode because the interesting storyline was strengthened by the eerie tone set by the camerawork. There wasn’t a lot of room for character development (beyond Crane finally stepping back into the dating game) but the plot didn’t drag on as they figured out how to take down the Red Lady. With things now in motion, Abbie and Crane are going to have a lot of trouble to deal with soon.

Additional Archive Notes

  • Go away Betsy Ross. You don’t need to be in every episode. It was nice to see Grace Dixon again. Why can’t she pop up more often?
  • I loved Shannyn Sossamon’s enunciation when she summoned the Red Lady.
  • So how do we feel about Abbie’s boss basically confessing that he still likes her?

So what did you think? Like it or hate it? Feel free the share your thoughts in the comments.


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