Sleepy Hollow Review: “Blood and Fear”

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Here’s my review of Sleepy Hollow season three episode “Blood and Fear.” Please note that this isn’t a recap of what happens. I’m assuming that you’ve already seen the episode. There are spoilers in this review.

Sleepy Hollow is still sort of stuck in endless Monster of the Week procedural purgatory, but the story in “Blood and Fear” wasn’t bad. For one thing, it wasn’t even a monster this week but just a fancy evil knife, and we never got too bogged down in the investigating part. We just got to see the interesting highlights and some good action, so I’m satisfied with that. Crane’s desperate ploy to save the day is so in-character that it works perfectly. My only real concern is how separate Jenny and Joe Corbin are.

At times, I almost feel like I’m watching two separate shows. While I’m sure the magical “Shard of Anubis” (terrible name btw) will end up being important later, right now it seems extraneous. Why are they devoting screentime to this when the writers could be using the time to flesh out the main storyline or the characters.

Jenny and Joe don’t get to interact with the rest of the regular cast at all basically. Abbie and Jenny share one scene together in this episode: they stand outside on the sidewalk with coffee cups in hand. Do we remember when there was tension between Abbie and Jenny? Do we remember that Jenny spent several years locked up in a psych ward? I know the sisters have patched things up and Jenny has been out since the early part of season one. But you would think some sort of tension from these things would pop up eventually, even if only slightly. Right now, the story just doesn’t do much to show off the interesting parts of her character or to develop her better.

And that’s a problem that also stems from being stuck with Joe Corbin as her scene partner instead of letting her interact with any of the other regular characters. Joe was interesting in his first appearance last season, but he’s not had the opportunity to shine yet since he’s returned. In the last episode, he was the damsel-in-distress leverage to use against Jenny, and in this episode, he just sits at the table in the diner while Jenny does all her talking on a bar stool. Jenny told Abbie that Joe needed baby steps to get into their world, but that’s not compelling television. Let’s hope the writers give Joe a trial-by-fire moment soon. If we have to have a completely separate storyline for their characters, at least they should make it interesting and full of character development.

But even if Jenny and Joe are dragging down our crazy fast-paced show, Crane and Abbie continue to shine. It’s always fun to watch them interact in any situation, whether that’s Abbie being amused at Crane giving a passionate speech about the American Dream or their quiet moment while Crane was recovering from malaria on Abbie’s couch (complete with a fist bump). I’m hoping that the show will continue to explore their friendship through interesting situations like the one in “Blood and Fear.”

Additional Archive Notes

  • I hope we don’t open the episode with Pandora conjuring up evil every week. It’s already gotten boring and it’s only been like 2 episodes of it. Other that than, I think Shannyn Sossamon has been giving a great performance so far.
  • Orphan Black was another show I was watching which had a separate storyline for one of their main characters. In that show, the separation didn’t work very well either. The show finally hit its groove once the storylines began to intersect. It’s probably just not good to keep your main characters separated for extended periods of time.
  • No Betsy Ross! I gotta say, I thought it was an improvement. Sorry Nikki Reed.
  • Abbie: “Here comes the Jefferson.” Crane: “Quoth Jefferson…”
  • Abbie’s “damn” and then “oh damn!” reactions when the guy falls out the window was absolutely perfect.
  • I sort of like the lady that promised to help Crane with his citizenship. I hope she doesn’t turn out to be evil. Or dies. That would be awkward if that happened to someone else Crane liked… again.

So what did you think? Like it or hate it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.



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