Teen Wolf Review: “Lies of Omission”

photo credit: hypable.com

photo credit: hypable.com

Here’s my review of Teen Wolf season five episode “Lies of Omission.” Please note that this isn’t a recap of what happens. I’m assuming that you’ve already seen the episode. There are spoilers in this review.

Remember a few episodes ago when I said Teen Wolf was about to kick into high gear and ride the crazy train? Well, apparently I lied. Because the only thing we’re doing right now is going nowhere fast. The crazy train has fallen off the tracks and into a pile of mud. Or pile of mercury? Whatever. Either way, it seems clear that the writers are just stalling until the last episode (or perhaps the second half of the season) for the big reveal. (At least I hope we’ll eventually get an explanation) While I’ll admit that there’s some good performances and character work still going on, the plot is really suffering. “Lies of Omission” seems like a good episode title because we’ve certainly bad some important information omitted.

Once again, the biggest problem is that we aren’t given any answers. Why are the Dread Doctors doing this? What is the point? How did Theo make an alliance with them? These are things that should have started to be revealed by now. Not completely, of course, but a good story would have bits of information scattered around like breadcrumbs. At the moment, everything is basically just the same as it was when we began. Find a chimera, try to protect said chimera, fail miserably, and repeat. It’s the same cycle over and over again but without much variation to keep it compelling. The way to make this work would be to make each new chimera a new clue, but they’re getting killed off so fast that there’s no time for that. I still know basically nothing about the Dread Doctors other than the fact that they used to hang out in Russia (thanks Deaton!) and they use “genetic chimeras” (thanks Mama McCall and Sheriff Stiles!).

The plot should be what draws the audience in every week (“what adventure will our heroes have today?”) but it’s the weakest thing right now. In fact, it’s a freakin mess. It’s okay to stall a bit in the middle of a story, but now it’s really gone on long enough.

The other major problem is that scene near the end between Scott and Stiles. I understand that the writers want to draw conflict from tearing their friendship apart, and that’s okay because eventually they’ll build it back up. But the execution of this has been terrible. Near the end of the episode, Scott confronts Stiles about Donovan, but the only thing he knows is the lie Theo told him. Stiles plays up the self-defense angle because Theo says Scott will understand that. Sounds like good conflict, right? Everything goes all according to Theo’s plan. But in reality, it shouldn’t have worked. The whole thing could have been easily avoided if Scott just told Stiles what he thought he knew and if Stiles had just given him the details of what actually happened. Once they discovered the differences in the stories, they probably would have figured out that Theo played them. Instead, we fall back on the lazy trope of miscommunication for conflict. We’ve seen how strong the friendship is between Scott and Stiles in the past, so it doesn’t make sense for it to break this easily, even if they’re both under a lot of stress.

On the positive side, like I said earlier, we still get some good character moments. Malia, for example, breaks when she sees the Doctors kill that girl. That’s at least twice now she’s seen that, and it definitely affects her. In fact, I wish we’d gotten a little more of her struggle but she just sort of fades away. In other storylines, Liam finally gets to act like the young, slightly irrational teen he is (hey, running away seems like a good idea!) and he even gets to be angry a bit (“Gonna tie me to a tree again?”). But, of course, Scott gets a chance to continue his heroic breakdown and I still think it works well. He’s pretty dependent on his inhaler again and he’s still plagued with doubts. It’s not as hard hitting as last week but the effects are still there.

Teen Wolf is stuck in the mud, but it’s not completely drowned yet. If the writers get back on track, the fallout from these struggles will be interesting to deal with. I just hope we get some answers soon.

All There in the Werewolf Manual

  • Even if I didn’t like the miscommunication in the Scott/Stiles scene, I did love Stiles’ “some of us are human” speech.
  • I… still don’t care about Parrish this season. Anything interesting for me burned out ages ago.
  • Why did Theo tell the Sheriff that he killed Donovan? What’s his game plan? I can’t figure it out. Also, how’d he meet up with the Doctors in the first place? Craigslist?
  • The Doctors are eliminating the failures instead of studying them for more info? That’s like the exact opposite of scientific procedure. Maybe they should brush up on their skills with a tutoring session with Mama Martin? She should start offering that to the kids.
  • I loved Scott’s opening monologue… until it got to Theo being the listener. Idk, it just seemed disappointing.
  • The filming of this episode was excellent. Probably the best part of it. I especially thought the fight in the Sinema club was particularly well-done.

So what did you think? Like it or hate it? Just want to go searching for a Nemeton? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


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