Teen Wolf review: “Ouroboros”

photo credit: mtv.com

photo credit: mtv.com

Here’s my review of Teen Wolf season five episode “Ouroboros.” Please note that this isn’t a recap of what happens. I’m assuming that you’ve already seen the episode. There are spoilers in this review.

I’m gonna be honest and straight up admit I have no clue what’s going on on Teen Wolf anymore. It’s still entertaining to me, but all the plot points seem so scattered, I don’t know how everything will tie back together in the end. Last week, I said that stretching out a mystery too far will make it snap like a rubber band. And “Ouroboros” is the snap. Sure, Deaton found out some stuff but it’s not enough to satisfy all our questions. But I’m not gonna spend this review complaining about the flaws in this whole plot line. Instead, I’d like to talk about something that worked well here: Scott’s character arc.

Scott McCall is our protagonist, the proverbial “Teen Wolf”, true Alpha, and all around special snowflake if you will. So there has always been a lot of focus on his character. I’ve always liked Scott because he always seems humble and nice and an all-around good dude even in the face of hardship. And his commitment to not killing is an interesting character trait that I appreciate seeing on TV. All in all, Scott usually has everything together even when the cards are stacked against him. But in this episode, we see him more shaken than ever before. Cracks are beginning to appear, getting wider and wider.

By the time we reach this episode, Scott’s breakdown isn’t unexpected. We’ve seen signs of this all season long. There’s his lack of confidence in himself about schoolwork, leading to his desire to drop AP Bio. There’s his worry over Kira which makes him  make bad decisions like not discussing his concerns about her (seriously, he should have said something sooner before she got arrested.) There’s also the fact that he saw the Dread Doctors straight up murder a dude in “Condition Terminal” and he’s been hallucinating in both “Required Reading” and “Strange Frequencies.” And on top of all this, his plan to catch the Doctors failed horribly and got both Liam and Hayden captured last week. All of that would weigh anyone down, even someone who’s a “true alpha.”

Things culminate in “Ouroboros” to what I like to call Scott’s “heroic BSOD” (although it’s not as extreme as it could have been). Nothing goes right for Scott here. His plan has failed so we see him resort to making a rash decision and sticking his claws into what’s-his-name’s neck. He is tense and angry. He rushes to a dangerous place to try to rescue Liam and Hayden and even that fails (because Theo found them first). Scott even has another asthma attack. There’s a lot of desperation in this episode that he doesn’t usually have. And now with that desperation and conflict, Scott’s a more interesting character than he was before. I’m certainly more interested in seeing how Scott will continue to deal with this enemy now that his confidence has really been shaken. Will he continue to make poor decisions? Will he grow and change from this experience? The end of this episode displays those emotions perfectly: Scott to the side watching everyone hug and congratulate Theo, followed by his conversation with Mama McCall about how things have changed and he’s to blame.

Even if this season’s story arc is being presented in an ineffective way, if there are at least excellent character-driven moments, then I’m happy with Teen Wolf.

All There in the Werewolf Manual

  • The writers really don’t know what to do with Lydia, do they? :/
  • While Scott’s story is good, I’m not liking Kira’s. The Dread Docs did something to her while they were stuck in traffic?? WTF?? How does that even make sense? (But at least it does answer my recent question about the kitsune being a separate part of her identity)
  • At this point, I don’t even care what Parrish is anymore >.<
  • Relationships based on surviving life-or-death situations generally don’t work out too well. How long before Liam and Hayden break up? (Although I supposed kissing to take the pain away is a plus for Hayden? LOL I’m still cracking up over that)
  • Is the asthma thing confusing anyone else or just me?
  • “I’ll just have to kill her again.” This is terrible dialogue, so I’m over the Desert Wolf storyline already. Also, why is she chilling in Russia?? And how did Deaton get there??
  • Kudos to Mason for being eager to actually do things. He’s my actual favorite. Don’t judge me.
  • With chimeras and now the mention of the Ouroboros, I feel like the writers planned this season while marathoning Fullmetal Alchemist. When do the homunculi show up with the philosopher’s stone?

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