Teen Wolf Review: “Creatures of the Night”

photo credit: @MTVteenwolf

photo credit: @MTVteenwolf

Here’s my first review of Teen Wolf starting with the season five premiere “Creatures of the Night.” Please note that this isn’t a recap of what happens. I’m assuming that you’ve already seen the episode. There are spoilers in this review.

I was reluctant to add Teen Wolf to the list of shows I review because I don’t want to over-analyze it. If you think about the plot of Teen Wolf too much, it just sort of dissolves into a puddle of goo… or maybe bursts forth… from a dead body as a… flock of… crows? I don’t know. Best not to ask questions. Just roll with all the craziness. So with that in mind, I’ll say that I quite enjoyed “Creatures of the Night.” It’s a good set-up episode for the rest of the season.

Our main characters spent a majority of this episode in transit as they tried to get to school for some cool senior tradition thing. (Yes, that’s right. It’s finally time for senior year. Already?!) This episode didn’t have a lot of plot to it (not in comparison to last season’s opener when the pack travelled to Mexico to rescue Derek), but that’s not a bad thing. Once the show kicks into high gear, the craziness won’t slow down, so this episode was a nice way to ease back into it all and reestablish what everyone’s been up to during the summer break.

As it turns out, everyone had a great summer. “No one’s tried to kill us in six months,” Scott says. Even though Scott’s a little apprehensive, they’ve really all been lulled into a false sense of security, with their biggest worry being whether they’ll all keep in touch once they head off to college. And this feeling of security makes the creeper shots of the glowstick fingernail werewolf monster guy lurking around even more effective. The audience knows that the monster dude is going to shatter the peace so we wait on edge for when it’ll happen. Will it be when Stiles’ jeep breaks down? Will it be when Mama McCall is in the house? Will it be Scott comes home for his motorcycle? The tone of each of these scenes is very effective for upping the tension, keeping us focused and entertained. This storyline comes to its most effective part when the monster finally attacks during a nice moment while Scott and Kira are kissing. It’s unexpected and jarring but not in an unpleasant way.

Horror is a genre that Teen Wolf always weaves in surprisingly well. And the opening/closing scenes with Lydia are chilling and probably some of the best in the episode. It’s great how the opening was so ambiguous. Was it a dream? Was it taking place before or after the events of the pre-senior year party? Was that Ethan or Aiden? (Yes, I’m aware I’m probably the only one who didn’t figure out it was Aiden right away) The lack of Lydia during the main part of the story only fueled the questions. In the end, it’s revealed to be a flash forward apparently even though the hallucinations make it remain ambiguous. But the best parts were the brief moments of Lydia “remembering” things that happened to her friends. It’s a nice way to give the audience a taste of what’s potentially to come. I’m interested to see how accurate those flashes really were. (On a side note, the actual best part was Lydia finally getting to kick someone’s butt!)

Overall, “Creatures of the Night” was great because it gave us time for character moments and interactions without throwing us straight into the crazy action. Sure, it may have taken us a whole episode just to get to the school, but I certainly don’t mind stretching out senior year as long as possible.

All There in the Werewolf Manual

  • Raise your hand if you got teary when Scott wrote down Alison’s initials. That hit me really close to home. Glad to see that they haven’t forgotten her (even though they forgot everyone else. Yes, I’m still bitter about Boyd. SINQUA WALLS COME BACK)
  • Why couldn’t Lydia have hallucinated Danny?? That’s the real mystery here. KEAHU KAHUANUI COME BACK.
  • Speaking of Lydia, when she gets out of Eichen House she should sue them for everything they’ve got because medical malpractice like woah. Why can’t Lydia just have nice things?? (Also what is this show’s obsession with trepanation?)
  • Mama McCall is actually the greatest. Even if she’s only in an episode for a for minutes, it’s great. I absolutely loved her whole delivery of this little monologue: “Dinner’s in the fridge. There’s nothing in the fridge. I’m going to leave you money. I don’t have any money. Get something and I’ll pay you back? You’re not here?” (typing it out isn’t as cool as hearing it, I know)
  • I hope the new guy gets to go through all the fun stuff that Liam had to go through. Like being thrown down a well and getting chained to a tree and getting yelled at by Stiles (obviously)
  • So the bad guys look like weird steampunk cosplayers. LOL. But for realz tho, what was with the crows flying out of Mr. Glowstick Fingernails Monster Guy?? WTF???????????
  • I could have watched a whole episode of Kira trapped in the car with her parents. Haha. I love all the parents on this show.
  • If you aren’t able to watch the aftershow Wolf Watch when it airs, definitely try to find it online somewhere. Totally worth a watch because Tyler Posey is hosting this year and he is the literal embodiment of enthusiasm. He closed the show by cuddling a puppy. LOL

So what did you think? Like it or hate it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. There’s plenty to discuss!


4 thoughts on “Teen Wolf Review: “Creatures of the Night”

  1. I never did flail at you about Teen Wolf, did I? Gonna do that while I uh “take a break” from studying.

    I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO THINK ugkjlhdahlj i miss the old characters so much. D: It doesn’t help that I’ve been reading fic about them for nine months now, oops. How did this become my life. But I do like Liam LOL.

    i watched this episode pretty much close to when it aired so i’ve probably forgotten a lot. but.


    I, too, loved the structure of this episode, with Lydia at the beginning and end and the revelation that the whole thing is a flashback. Kept me on my toes right up until Lydia appears at the Seniors’ Scribe thing. That was super well done.

    3. I know right, how is that they think “oh ok we gotta have an explanation for weird stuff” “aha! got it! trepanation, the perfect solution!”
    4. Mama McCall’s scene was the beeessssstttt. I love her.
    5. ROFL ROFL rite of passage conducted by Stiles Stilinski

    • Flail away~!

      Ah, I understand! I miss the old characters too! (I was weirdly attached to the twins for some reason. idk why) But I’m enjoying all the new ones too, so we’ll see how this goes!

      Yes, the flashback thing! I kept wondering, why doesn’t anyone go visit Lydia in Eichen House? (other than the fact that Eichen House is freakin gross) And the answer was SHE’S NOT THERE YET! 😮 …yes, I like that a lot >.>

      1.) SINQUA WALLSSSSS. /wails/ I will forever and always be bitter about Boyd. And I didn’t even get to see many episodes with him in it. I’m just overly attached.
      2.) Maybe Danny went with Coach on his comedy tour… as like the manager or something. IDK. Why does anybody listen to my crazy musings. lol
      3.) /flips through dictionary/ yes, this looks like a good word to use!
      4.) Mama McCall needs to always be around 😀
      5.) Stiles secretly enjoys all the yelling, I’m sure.


  2. the twins were so great!! i miss them too DDDD: they could have just kept them in beacon hills instead of randomly have aiden materialise as a hallucination >______<

    1. /compensates by reading all the fic with boyd in it/ boyd was such a precious character D:
    3. LOL

    • I know right? Bring them back! Aiden can just chill as a ghost or something. If I recall correctly, I think the actors got another role in another show? And that’s why they left. idk :/

      1.) I’m almost afraid to fall down the rabbit hole of TW fanfic right now but… /whispers/ send me links to any good Boyd stories via twitter? 😀
      2.) Orny’s comedy tour should make a stop at the TW set so he can appear again! PLEASE

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