Defiance Review: “Dead Air”

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Here’s my review of Defiance season three episode “Dead Air” Please note that this isn’t a recap of what happens. I’m assuming that you’ve already seen the episode. There are spoilers in this review.

So “Dead Air” wrapped up an important Amanda storyline and… that’s about it. The overarching plot feels like it’s sorta spinning its wheels while it’s waiting for everything to fall into place. The three main storylines in this episode are 1.) Nolan and Amanda go to get some weapons, 2.) Irisa and Berlin try to figure out who blew up the Arch, and 3.) Stahma must assassinate T’evgin.

Guess what? None of these things get accomplished. But still, this was an important episode for Amanda and there were things at the end which set up future storylines, so it wasn’t all a waste.

After apparently returning to New York after the events of the season two finale, Pottinger finally makes his reappearance. I’ll admit I haven’t missed him because he was all sorts of creepy last season. And as it turns out, he has only increased his creepiness since then. Now he lives alone with four Bio-men dressed in fancy bowties and named after the Beatles. (Nice detail, btw) Pottinger was a creepy character last season that didn’t really add much to the plot line except to bring Amanda down a few levels with a brief drug addiction. He always functioned as a supporting character, existing almost solely to develop Amanda’s character.

This episode is no exception to that rule. Here, Amanda is forced to finally face the tragic event that happened to her in New York. She had no control the night she was attacked and raped, but as she confronts Pottinger and discovers his secrets, she finally gets to take her well-deserved revenge. Even though she is the mayor of Defiance, Amanda doesn’t always have a lot of control over her life. Things are bad for the city and she lost her sister too. She tries her best, but it’s never easy. Once she figures out what Pottinger has done, she finally has the opportunity to do something. While it sucks that she lost all of their weapons in the process, I think it was still a good moment for her character. But now, how will they defend Defiance from the oncoming army of crazy Votan?

There were some storylines in “Dead Air” that might have benefited from spending more time on them. Firstly, Datak and Stahma manage to fulfill their “blow up the Arch” mission. You would think that blowing up a symbol of the town would make more shockwaves, but we really don’t see the fallout and aftermath of the explosion at all. Most of the action of the episode is spent away from the city. I just think it’s strange since the destruction was supposed to have a huge impact on the city, but we never get to see any of it. (Although I admit that changing the opening title card to show a broken arch along with the sad part of the theme music was an excellent touch. I just want to know if it’ll be the same for the next episode)

Along with that, there wasn’t a lot of time for the subplot with Irisa and Berlin. They get a few brief moments together which serves to highlight Berlin’s anger over Tommy’s death and Irisa’s guilt over it. There is even a nice part where Irisa tries to apologize but then holds a knife to Berlin’s throat when she gets angry. Their animosity towards each other is something fascinating to explore so I would have liked to see more of them interacting as they investigated. Will they ever get to the point where they can work civilly together or maybe even become friends? In the end of the episode, it looked like Berlin was just going to leave Irisa on the ground during her seizure, so I’m curious to see what happens after that.

So in the end, even though the Arch got blown up and Amanda killed Pottinger, nothing really happened. Except for the seizures Nolan and Irisa are currently experiencing, the plot is still in about the same place as it was last week. Perhaps things will get moving next week as we try to figure out what’s going on.

Beyond the Stasis Net

  • All of the bonus points go to T’evgin this week for making pancakes for Stahma the morning after. He’s assimilating quite well to human culture.
  • Speaking of the Omec, where’s Kindzi? She’s not running loose around Defiance is she?
  • I actually wrote in my notes “meanwhile on the soap opera that is Stahma’s life” because things are really getting to that level.
  • Does this mean no more DJ Alak? Poor guy really has lost everything.

So what did you think? Like it or hate it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


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