Tatakau! Shoten Girl Episode 9 Recap/Review: Last Page

tatakau 9 aki happy face

Jdrama Photo Recap Disclaimer: Since this is both a recap and a review of the show, there will be spoilers here. I’m watching this without English subtitles and while I understand a lot of Japanese, I’m not fluent. There are occasionally parts where I don’t understand what’s going on. And lastly, the photo captions are just snarky jokes and not meant to convey actual dialogue. So if you’re cool with all this, read on and enjoy!

We’re here. It’s the final episode. It’s been a crazy ride of ups and downs for this show but it’s been fun! So let’s cut to the chase and see what episode nine has in store for us!

We pick up directly where we left off last week: Riko and Tashiro are discussing the future of their relationship. Riko explains that she actually met Tashiro’s son, since he was the lost kid from the last episode. She doesn’t think they should she each other anymore because she wants Tashiro and his son to be happy, and she doesn’t think she can provide that. In the end, she walks away, leaving Tashiro standing alone.

At work, Aki worries about having only one week left to turn things around for the bookstore. But as she’s surfing the web, she sees a post about bookstores and she has an idea.

*cue video game sound effect*

*cue video game ‘a-ha!’ sound effect*

(…yes, yes I did draw those exclamation marks in my screencap. You should know by now that my dumb jokes are dumb)

She tells everyone about her idea: having some sort of 24-hour camp-out event at the store. And it’s just like old times, by which I mean she’s overly excited and everyone else is just “… … … okaaaay…?”

*very loud silence*

*very loud silence*

But after she fully explains what she has in mind, everyone agrees that it might be a good idea to try out. I really like that Mayuyu never fails to brings such lovely enthusiasm to Aki during each episode. The contrast from the first episode is really nice during this scene too. In the first episode, whenever Aki would suggest something, the rest of the employees didn’t respond to her ideas very positively. But since they’ve all gotten to know each other better over the course of the show, by this point, once Aki gets going about her idea, everyone gets caught up in the enthusiasm. Even Shiho says she’s excited and Riko says she thinks it’s a great idea.

So everyone gets to work gathering up what they need and promoting the event around town. While Shiho is out putting up fliers, she runs into Not So Friendly Boss.

"I came to rain on your parade"

“I came to rain on your parade”

As always, he’s secretly not happy about what they’re doing so he’s got to try to start some conflict. He slyly asks Shiho who’s getting fired and then says “oh? you didn’t hear about that from Riko?” This is probably gonna cause some conflict later, just like Not So Friendly Boss hopes.

BUT as it turns out, it doesn’t cause a problem. Instead, Shiho gathers everyone together to tell Riko how much they respect her and that they’re all in this together. Hooray!

So the 24-hour event kicks off to a great start after some frantic last minute set-up. There’s a nice montage of all the employees getting to chat with and suggest books to the customers. And even Obata is there, happily chilling in one of the aisles. They have a nice chat together and she says that she really likes him. And his response was a pretend “sorry couldn’t hear you, say that again please.” They’re too cute.

"I'm sorry. You should probably say that five more times for me to properly hear it"

“I’m sorry. You should probably say that at least five more times for me to properly hear it”

There’s a brief scene in the cafeteria they set up for everyone to eat. The guys from the usual restaurant are serving food along with cafe waitress girl. Mita thanks her for helping out. And once she goes back to work one of the restaurant guy’s is basically like “dude, she’s cute.” *suggestive eyebrows*

"Hey gurl heyyyy" /whispers 'am I doing this right?'/

“Hey gurl heyyyy”
/whispers ‘am I doing this right?’/

As the event continues, they crunch the numbers and it looks like everything is turning out excellent so far! Meanwhile, Aki goes to Corporate CEO Guy to tell him how hard they’ve been working for the bookstore, but he just brushes her off as he walks by. Rude.

While Mita’s working, he gets a message to meet from Tashiro. Of course, Mita goes to talk to him. (…I guess it’s okay for him to just randomly leave work for a few minutes??) So anyway, Tashiro tells him that he’s moving back to Fukuoka and that he’s not going to see Riko anymore. And then he changes the subject to ask about how the event is going, and Mita answers that they’re all doing their best.

Back at the bookstore, things continue to go well. And they have another staff meeting. (But who is running the store while they’re in all these meetings though???) It’s just a brief moment for Riko to encourage them to keep up the good work.

Once they’re back at work, they get a surprise visitor. Corporate CEO Guy! *dramatic gasp and music cue*

"This is my happy face."

“This is my happy face.”

He observes them as they work. A customer asks Mita for a specific book, but they don’t have it in stock. But he suggests a similar alternative and that satisfies the customer. Good work, Mita! And Aki tells Corporate CEO Guy that this is what the bookstore is all about in a nice speech.

Riko meets with Corporate CEO Guy now that the event is over, and then she returns to tell the staff what the decision was. (Another staff meeting??) Anyway, he’s apparently decided to still close the store because they only raised profits up 118% instead of 120% which was his original deal. (I think I said 20% in my previous recap because I swear that’s what I heard, but apparently it was 120%) “A promise is a promise,” he tells her. So Riko tearfully apologizes to the staff.

Of course, Not So Friendly Boss decides to show up and rub this in everyone’s faces. In fact, his words make Shiho so mad that she SLAPS him.

"If I still had a soul, I would have been able to feel that"

“If I still had a soul, I would have been able to feel that”

MEANWHILE, Tashiro is just casually working over at his own job when he gets a call from Mita.

"I am a pro at my job: shuffling papers"

“I am a pro at my job: shuffling papers”

So the whole bookstore crew goes to the usual restaurant to cheer themselves up with a party. Because when life is crappy, the only thing left to do is party! (and get wasted) And they let Riko to give a toast. Everyone cheers.

Then the scene cuts to Corporate CEO Guy in his car who looks like he’s thinking really intensely about something.

"Why DOES toast always land butter side down?"

“Why DOES toast always land butter side down?”

He flashes back to his earlier talk with Riko and how she handed in her resignation so that she could take responsibility. Hm… okay.

Back at the party, they all discuss what they’re gonna do. And then Tashiro walks in. He asks Riko for a favor. He said he heard about the store closing down and about how hard they’ve all worked. So he offers them all jobs at his company. (That’s a lot of people though! Can he do that??) But anyway, hooray for not being unemployed!

"I'll make them an offer they can't refuse"

“I’ll make them an offer they can’t refuse”

So then he and Riko step outside to talk more. He explains that he’s moving to Fukuoka. And she tells him that he’s always saving her. They have a nice chat and then they… shake hands and say farewell. Guess this one really isn’t going to work out. It’s probably for the best that way. Go get your life together, Tashiro.

"After this, do you want to borrow my hand sanitizer?"

“After this handshake, do you want to borrow my hand sanitizer?”

Riko has a nice talk with her father when she gets home too. She tells him that she’s glad to be his daughter, and he responds by being glad he’s her father. The whole scene is really sweet.

"I'm still the hippest father around right?" "You keep telling yourself that, Pops"

“I’m still the hippest father around right?”
“You keep telling yourself that, Pops”

The next scene is the empty store and Riko just hanging out (taking a break from moving out?) and Aki comes to chat with her.

"I wish our office still had chairs"

“I wish our office still had chairs”

Riko has decided not to accept the offer to work for Tashiro’s company. Aki asks about her favorite thing working in a bookstore was. And then Aki answers her own question by saying that she liked meeting Riko the best. Instead of all the romance drama, I really wish we’d spent more time on the friendship between these two. It should have been the backbone of this story but I think it got lost in the shuffle sometimes.

AND THEN WE CUT TO AKI AND OBATA’S WEDDING. WHAT? Isn’t this still sort of sudden?? (I know, I know, I expect way too much relationship development for a nine-episode series) Well, anyway I’m glad they’re happy! At the beginning of the series, I didn’t think Obata had a chance with her at all, but Aki gave it a shot and it turned out good for them.

"I love you but we're not camping out in a bookstore for our honeymoon."

“I love you but we’re not camping out in a bookstore for our honeymoon.”

While the happy couple walks out showered in flower petals, Mita turns to Riko and asks her to wait for him to be a better man or something vaguely along those lines. And she smiles and says yes. And then Riko catches the bouquet that Aki throws. LOL (For anyone who doesn’t know, catching the bouquet is supposed to mean that you’ll be the next person getting married)

"But I'm allergic to flowers, y'all"

“But I’m allergic to flowers, y’all”

The last scene takes place sometime afterwards. Riko has opened up her own little bookstore and Aki comes to visit. It’s a nice little scene. Aki gets excited as always and starts giving Riko suggestions for improvements. And Riko smiles again, happy and content with her life.

"There's she goes again, suggesting things like it's a staff meeting." :)

“There’s she goes again, suggesting things like it’s a staff meeting.” 🙂

And that’s it! I’m definitely surprised by how the ending turned out. In most dramas, the bookstore crew would have appealed again to Corporate CEO Guy and with the power of heartfelt apologies persuaded him to keep the store open. But that’s not what happened. And typically in most dramas, the characters all get romantically paired up by the end. But that’s not what happened either. Only Aki and Obata ended up together definitely and everyone got jobs working somewhere else since the Pegasus Bookstore officially closed down. I think unexpected endings like this are great. And they seem more realistic too. (Well, maybe Tashiro being able to magically offer everyone jobs is unrealistic but whatever)

Overall, this was a fun drama even if I got lost in the corporate intrigue there in the middle for a while. All of the actors showed off some fine work, and the plot gave the characters a lot of development. And, of course, I will forever and always go on about how great the soundtrack for this series is. (I’m only disappointed that Mita didn’t end up with Cafe Waitress Girl. Haha)

I don’t really have final thoughts and questions this week other than: what did you think? Feel free to share your thoughts on the final episode or the whole series in the comments below. And especially share what your favorite moment was! (Mine is probably the sequence in episode two where the Gossipy Trio keeps running into drunk!Riko in different places. LOL)

As always, thanks for reading my recap reviews!


6 thoughts on “Tatakau! Shoten Girl Episode 9 Recap/Review: Last Page

  1. That was such a rollercoaster ride omg. I actually shed tears at the end there. >___<

    I'm glad she didn't end up with Tashiro. Go sort your life out indeed.

    The 24 hour idea is so cooooooooooooooooooooool I mean not realistically sustainable but man I'd love to hang out in a bookstore overnight. Books, wonderful books~♫

    Inoo and Chiba's newfound friendship sealed with Chiba's teddybear hugs omgggg. New goal in life – to find someone who hugs just like Chiba and Inoo, and I'm not even a person who particularly likes hugs.


    The scene with Aki and Obata in the bookstore was totally cute. I would have liked to see more of their relationship develop but we did get quite a bit I guess. I honestly hated his guts in the beginning there, kudos to the drama for making me completely change my mind. I HOPE THERE WAS A GOOD AMOUNT OF TIME BETWEEN THE WEDDING AND THE PREVIOUS SCENE THOUGH LOL but judging by how everyone was catching up with each other while waiting for them to march then maybe there was lolol. Also, Inoo in a tux. /swoons/

    I love the concept of Riko's bookstore!!!!!!! AND YAY DYNAMIC DUO TOGETHER AGAIN __>). I’ve never seen Izumi or Mayuyu before but I love how they both portrayed their characters. Izumi’s acting in particular – she conveys so much with such small movements or expressions, I’m so in awe. And definitely agree with you about Mayuyu’s energy. Always enjoy watching Chiba act; same with the actress who played Shiho. I hope Inoo gets more roles after this – I’d very much like to see him in a variety of different roles + witness his growth as an actor.

    I think my favourite scene is the same as yours, re: Gossipy Trio vs. drunk!Riko. That was hilarious. I also really enjoyed the Obata x Aki dinners in her giiiigaaaannnnntiiiiicccc apartment because I am a sucker for domestic moments…….. >_>”

    I’m really disappointed that there wasn’t much backstory on Aki, Mita or Riko, but oh well. It was an enjoyable drama overall, even though I was really mad in the middle there with all the corporate nonsense. I’m glad I kept going. 😛 Thank you so much for taking the time to recap – I always enjoy reading them, and they definitely add an extra level of enjoyment to watching things! ❤ At the moment it looks like I'm going to continue with Teen Wolf so I'll see you over there, and hopefully Elementary if I ever get some time to watch the third season!

    • Rollercoaster indeed! Lots of surprises and twists along the way!

      I’m mostly glad about how all the romance worked out. In the end, Riko and Tashiro weren’t really right for each other. And I’m glad Aki moved on with Obata instead of spending the series pining after Mita once he rejected her. I’m only upset Mita didn’t get with Bookstore Girl. Noooooooo! lol

      Camping out in the bookstore seems fun but also, like what if you decide to sleep in front of some books people want to get to?? But still, endless access to books would be awesome!!

      Wouldn’t it have been great to have Inoo/Chiba be besties during the whole show? Wasted opportunity for more hugs!!


      I only wish we’d been given more resolution to that argument about working. But other than that, Aki/Obata did end up having a cute relationship. And kudos to the “nice dude” in a drama winning the girl for once! THE WEDDING STILL SEEMED RUSHED THO. Seriously, we needed a “___ months/years later” subtitle or something. /swoons with you about Inoo in a tux/ That should be required for his next drama role!

      I hadn’t seen Izumi or Mayuyu in anything before either. I’m not an expert of judging people’s acting skills but I totally agree with what you said about Izumi. I thought everyone was quite good. (Chiba’s good making pining-after-your-love faces apparently lol) I definitely hope Inoo will get bigger roles in the future! He was hilariously hammy in Dark System, so he’s definitely got range!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the drama and made it through all my silly recaps! Thank you for commenting on all of them! ❤ I really love getting to discuss these things with people. It makes the whole experience much more fun ^_^ Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on Teen Wolf and Elementary if you have time~ The comment section is always open!

      • One of the things that impressed me the most about this show is definitely the way Aki refused to let herself pine over Mita or try to sabotage his relationship with Riko. Mita and Bookstore girl should definitely have gotten together DDDD: ……..gonna do something about that maybe

        TRUE, you raise a very good point. That could get very awkward, lol. *sneaks a hand over Obata’s sleeping form to get a book*

        IKR all those magazine shoots they were in together were misleading (jkjk). Mita totally was in need of hugs + giving people hugs. The way Inoo just flew into Chiba’s arms omg, with such wild abandon. Pls to be friends from now on.


        Yeahhh me too. D: I know jdramas have the potential to deal with real life issues in a rational way but i guess this one didn’t want to. I AM ON BOARD FOR MORE INOO IN A TUX YES

        omg LOL YES CHiba’s pining faces yesssssss D: bb. /pets his face/ Me too! Ahhh what did you think of Dark System? I couldn’t get past the fourth episode if I recall, even though I tried to make it to Inoo’s episodes >__<" Might have to try again hahaha angsty Inoo playing the piano also feeling up Hikaru's face.

        • I realize you saying “gonna do something about that maybe” probably refers to fanfic, but my brain just automatically imagined you running around Japan searching for the producers to make another season or a special or something. 😛

          /starts petition for Inoo in a tux/

          I liked Dark System in a weirdly amusing this-is-completely-absurd way. But it wasn’t very… good? Inoo’s two episode appearance was definitely the highlight for me. Especially the second of his episodes which involved a piano battle and sort of a tiger. …have I said too much? >_> Also, Inoo was totally feeling up on more than Hikaru’s face. /coughs/ What? I’ll stop now.


            SIGNS PETITION

            /cringes/ yeah, i don’t have high expectations from the rest of the show which is a shame because i’d like to see hikaru in more things too. might have to watch do deka s? A TIGER. LOL. WHAT WAS HE DOING WITH A TIGER. AHAHAHAHAHAHA that i don’t doubt. 😉

            • Hahahahaha /whispers do this

              To be completely honest, you could probably just watch episode 6 and enjoy the piano tiger battle without any context. But it is… super weird. LOL If you watch do deka s, let me know if it’s any good! (Speaking of things Hikaru is in, I’m thinking about recapping Othros no Inu because I actually have it on dvd. I just need to… find… time……)

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