Tatakau! Shoten Girl Recap/Review Episode 7: Book Covers

tatakau 7 happy face

Jdrama Photo Recap Disclaimer: Since this is both a recap and a review of the show, there will be spoilers here. I’m watching this without English subtitles and while I understand a lot of Japanese, I’m not fluent. There are occasionally parts where I don’t understand what’s going on. And lastly, the photo captions are just snarky jokes and not meant to convey actual dialogue. So if you’re cool with all this, read on and enjoy!

Firstly, I want to apologize for the delay in this recap. I had some internet issues, but they’ve been resolved now, so I shouldn’t have any trouble for the rest of the episodes. And secondly, thanks to gohyk91 for commenting in the last recap to explain that Corporate Guy wants to shut down the store because their sales are horrible and Not So Friendly Boss is being terrible to Riko because he doesn’t want to lose his own job because he has money issues. With this in mind, let’s take a look at episode seven!

So when we left off last week, Riko was asking to give her store one last chance before it was shut down, and now Corporate Guy agrees but they only have until July to turn things around and increase their sales by 20%. Seems pretty impossible. After that, Riko gets down to business and talks to the Gossipy Trio to convince them to come back to work.

"No time for snacks. We need to talk"

“No time for snacks. We need to talk”

After an introspective montage set to some nice music, the Trio decides to return and help the whole crew improve the store’s sales.

"Let's burn these letters in a dramatic symbol of our newfound devotion to the store" "...or we can just rip them up?"

“Let’s burn these resignation letters in a dramatic symbol of our newfound devotion to the store”
“…or we can just rip them up?”

They all get together to brainstorm ideas and Shiho cheers everyone on.

Aki invites the Gossipy Trio over to her apartment and they’re amazed by how big it is. Also Obata visits too. Together they continue to think up ideas for the store.

"Are you getting paid more than us? How do you afford this rent?"

“Are you getting paid more than us? How do you afford rent for a place this huge?”

Meanwhile, Riko meets up with Tashiro at the usual restaurant.

"I started eating without you so you wouldn't steal my food"

“I started eating without you so you wouldn’t steal my food”

Once the Gossipy Trio leaves, Obata and Aki have a serious talk. They talk about the future. She mentions marriage, and Obata says that he understands how much Aki loves her job and books, but he’d want her to quit if they got married. Aki is disappointed, of course, because she thought Obata understood her dedication to her work. Why shouldn’t she be able to have both? Things get super awkward and Obata says they really shouldn’t think about this kind of stuff yet. And then he awkwardly goes home.

"Sorry, I think I left the oven on at home. I should leave and go check that."

“Sorry, I think I left the oven on at home. I should leave and go check that.”

Back with Riko, she and Tashiro are having a nice chat on a park bench and then Tashiro kisses her. Then they walk away (into the proverbial sunset or something. But either way, it’s a nice moment) Riko tells Shiho about it the next day. Riko thinks she probably shouldn’t be so involved with him since it’s a distraction while she’s trying to save the store, but Shiho encourages her anyway.

At the staff meeting, Mita gets fired up! And everyone is impressed by that. Good for you, Mita!

"Woohooooo" *clears throat* "Um, yes. Ideas."

*clears throat*
“Um, yes. Ideas.”

Aki gets a surprise visitor at work: the friendly author with the cool hats. (I’m gonna call him Nice Hat because I am always terrible with names. Sorry!)

"Surprise! My hat is green today"

“Surprise! My hat is green today”

The two of them go talk to Riko because Nice Hat is concerned about the store as well. Mita has an idea and runs to tell Riko about it. His idea involves something about book covers. So Nice Hat volunteers to help out because he’s awesome.

After much convincing, Obata agrees to help out with their idea too. But the happiness is short-lived because Obata’s boss isn’t happy. So Obata meets with Aki and tells her it’s impossible. This is all-around disappointing.

Meanwhile in Riko’s personal life, her father returns home from therapy. Yay!

Back at the store, Nice Hat is showing off his cool drawings for everyone. It’s great until they notice Aki is a bit upset. She explains that Obata isn’t going to help much. But of course Obata is eavesdropping outside because everyone has a degree in Eavesdropping 101 on this show. He has a change of heart and agrees to help again.

"I have to time my entrance just right or else this will be super awkward"

“I have to time my entrance just right or else this will be super awkward”

Mita and Riko talk. They’re optimistic of the outcome and Riko thanks Mita for the great idea. As she walks away, Mita gives her a sort of I-still-like-you-just-saying look. Keep hope alive, Mita. Keep hope alive.

"Am I too obvious?"

“Notice me senpai?”

So far, it looks like the book cover idea is going well. Everyone is excited, people are talking about it on twitter, and Mita even hangs up Nice Hat’s drawings on the wall. Actually things are going extremely well. One week later and the sales are up 24%?! which surpasses their goal of 20! (I don’t think I misheard that. Or was the goal 120% and they made 124? IDK) So obviously something’s going to go horribly horribly wrong in a few minutes. …right?

Tashiro visits Riko at work. Mita sees that and gets kind of sad. Nevermind what I said about hope earlier, man. It might just be easier to move on. Anyway, he eats lunch with Shiho again and she tries to cheer him up. It sorta works.

"Happy thoughts, kid. Happy thoughts."

“Happy thoughts, kid. Happy thoughts.”

For lunch, Riko goes out to the usual restaurant with her father, and Tashiro happens to be eating there as well.

"Is that your boyfriend over there eating all the food?"

“Is that your boyfriend over there eating all the food?”

Tashiro doesn’t stick around longer than to just say hello. So Riko and her father celebrate his recovery together and they even take an adorable picture. Later they walk home and Father asks if she’s dating Tashiro. Riko still says no but I have no idea why because it really seems like they are dating. IDK. Anyway, seems like Father doesn’t like that idea.

Back with Corporate Guy CEO, he’s surprised that they managed to actually meet and surpass the goal he set for the store.

"Hm... people actually did what I asked them to? What a concept!"

“Hm… people actually did what I asked them to? What a concept!”

But while things are finally good for our friends at the bookstore, it looks like things are definitely not good for Obata. His boss isn’t happy about him going against what he was supposed to do. Oh no!

So there we have it! Episode seven was an improvement in my opinion. Mostly because we focused on the bookstore itself instead of all the corporate politics going on behind the scenes. Not that the politics part is completely bad, but this episode made it easier to focus on the characters and their development. I always think it’s fun to watch characters come together for a common goal. This episode was also a bit more upbeat than the others. There was a better balance between the bookstore plot and the romance plot, where we switched back and forth between both but never spent too much time one on bit in particular. This show works so much better that way.

And the one thing I thought was particularly interesting was the conversation about marriage between Aki and Obata. Since this show sheds a light on some feminism issues in Japan, it’s definitely important to point out this issue. A lot of times in Japanese culture, when people get married, the woman is expected to stay home after that. Just give up her job and stay home to take care of everything. You can see examples of this idea in many different dramas. But things are slowly changing. Women shouldn’t have to quit working unless they want to. I was surprised to see this addressed. Aki’s job at the bookstore is obviously very important to her, so it’s really disappointing to see that Obata doesn’t support that. By the end of the episode, this topic isn’t mentioned anymore. So I’m very curious to see if they’ll bring it back up again and how they will resolve it.

There are only two more episodes left. With the problem of the bookstore’s sales seemingly solved for now, I wonder what the end of the series will entail. Either way, we’ll find out soon.

Final Thoughts and Questions

  • Am I the only one who thinks Mita should focus his affections towards the waitress at the cafe? Because she’s so friendly and they’d probably get along great. …I ship it.
  • Are you jealous of Nice Hat’s hats? Be honest.
  • Who is the best eavesdropper in the show?
  • Will Senpai ever notice Mita-kun?
  • Did anyone else catch the screenshot of the “Orion” music chart (parody of Oricon) they were looking at? It had “Hey!Hey!PUNCH” listed as the number one artist. That was a fun little easter egg reference to Inoo Kei’s group Hey!Say!JUMP.
"Hey!Hey!PUNCH" sounds like a punk band.

“Hey!Hey!PUNCH” sounds like a punk band.

So what did you think? Like it or hate it? Just want to make book covers for every book you own now? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Bonus picture this week is a great example of why you should never watch things on MioMio because this happened during the kiss scene:

tatakau 7 miomio sucks


8 thoughts on “Tatakau! Shoten Girl Recap/Review Episode 7: Book Covers

  1. Hi! Me again! I havent finished ep 7 cus I was busy with my homework !!! Q”Q Thanks for reporting this (again)
    I really really wanna know who will end up with who know!! I hope Mita-kun wont me left alone!! >^< )

    • Welcome back~! Ah well homework is important too!! ^_^
      I’m also curious how they’ll wrap up all the romance! I have no idea who I want everyone to end up with, but I hope they’ll all be happy. Especially Mita!

      Episode 8 is proving rather difficult to find, but hopefully I’ll get a recap for that one up soon too. >_<
      Thanks for reading and commenting! 😀

  2. I enjoyed this episode a lot! All the little character interactions, and more of Gossipy Trio’s individual components! May or may not have laughed really hard at Inoo’s running scene. (I say that lovingly) (I’d love to see him do more athletic things.) (I also say that lovingly.)

    SIGH OBATA. That scene in her apartment (seriously, are they ever going to address how she got such an apartment and how she’s always so well dressed? I do like it’s a running gag for visitors to be shocked though) made me cringe so badly but I also felt pretty vindicated because I was waiting for him to slip up even though I actually don’t mind them now. /terrible person/ I really liked that they addressed this issue though! We shall see how they overcome this.

    Seriously though where is the MitaxRikoxShiho backstory. /broken record alert

    1. THE BOOKCAFE WAITRESS YES YES i want to see more of her.
    2. His hats are greaaaat. It’s so weird seeing him in this drama though – I just always have this image of him being in Kindaichi now.
    3. Obata, maybe, seeing as how his face was very clearly framed in the window of the door and yet nobody noticed him.
    4. I HOPE SO? I also wonder what’s up with Riko’s dad and Tashiro. WHAT’S THE STORY THERE.
    5. Hey!Hey!PUNCH made me laugh a lot and now i’m just imagining if they replaced all instances of jump with punch in the lyrics. I enjoyed that easter egg hehe. ❤ (Also, HSJ J-Rock VK au.)

    LOL that's probably an improvement of the real thing – they slowed it down and he just stopped right before their lips touched, and then walked away as though nothing happened.

    • More Gossipy Trio is always a good thing! And, gosh more athletic!Inoo would be super fun. And maybe hilarious. XD

      OBATA. /whacks his head/ That apartment scene is something that really stands out to me when I think back on this series. That discussion should have been such an important factor in figuring out their life together but they never discuss it again. /exasperated siiiiiigh/ How frustrating!

      /cuddles Chiba Yudai’s face/
      …we’re just gonna have to write this backstory ourselves, aren’t we?

      2.) I haven’t seen Kindaichi (yet!) but I think I’ve seen him in something else. I can’t remember. Hm…
      4.) IF ONLY I KNEW
      5.) “Punching to my dream~” LMAO (Also, nooooo don’t remind me of hsj vk au. I want it so bad my heart cannot take it)

      He didn’t even kiss her?! Hahahahahaha THIS SHOW -___-

      • /sighs with you/ ikr? riko and aki should have just gotten together, their communication was ace! WHO NEEDS MEN ANYWAY. hashtag girl power

        …..yeah we probably are going to have to

        Punching to my dream had me chortling over my tea.
        IM SORRY ❤ ❤

        Yeah it was super weird lmao

        • real talk: riko/aki was like my secret ship for the whole show /SPRINTS AWAY SO FAST

          …makes backstory fic notes >_>

          (#sorryNEVERsorry …makes fic notes for vk au too >__>)

          • I WISH THEY WERE MINE TOO, HONESTLY, i only thought about them after i’d finished yelling at the show. 😛 Seriously the most solid, healthy relationship on the show, and it beats many others I’ve seen in other dramas/shows/stories.

            (omg so is now the right time to admit that I may have spent way too long yesterday trying to decide what their VK names would be)

            • Every time the romance in the show would frustrate me, I’d totally be like “if only the main characters would get together” lol. I mean, they even had a sleepover and drank together in their pajamas! They’re adorable. 😀

              OMG TELL ME MORE

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