Music Rec Wednesdays: Halloween Junky Orchestra – Halloween Party

This is a weekly feature called Music Rec Wednesdays. As you can guess from the name, I’m going to make a post recommending a song, album, or artist I like. Not a full review, just some thoughts on what I like. 

"Trick or treat!"

“Trick or treat!”

Here’s the ~spooky~ edition of Music Rec Wednesdays featuring Halloween Party by Halloween Junky Orchestra.

Let me start off by saying that I love collaborations. Anytime two or more singers perform together, I get really happy. It doesn’t seem to happen nearly enough in Japanese music, so the temporary project Hyde put together is a real treat. Hyde, also known for his works with L’arc~en~ciel and Vamps, created Halloween Junky Orchestra with no less than twelve different artists. To name a few of the participants, there’s Yasu (Acid Black Cherry), Daigo (Breakerz), Kanon Wakeshima, Anna Tsuchiya, and Tatsurou (Mucc). I’m sure that had to take a lot of coordinating behind the scenes to get everyone together.

Let’s take a look at the music video! It’s such a big project that there are even full credits at the end.

Pretty cool, right?

As with pretty much any song I recommend, this one is catchy and will have you humming the “la la la la la halloween party” part over and over again. Everyone’s vocals seem to try to portray a spooky tone which is a good idea for a Halloween-themed song. And considering that basically all these people are all rock singers, the spookiness turns out well.

Here are the lyrics and a translation if you’re interested.

The music starts off with a nice organ solo to set the mood. You pretty much can’t have a Halloween song without a creepy organ bit. Maybe it’s just because there’s a nice pun to be had somewhere around here about organs (the musical instrument) and organs (the parts inside your body). Anyway, the musical interlude segue ways into an upbeat march at the beginning of the song. It reminds me of a parade. And Halloween parades always remind me of the beginning of The Nightmare Before Christmas. (You can watch that opening scene here.)

The music video creates the image of a Halloween party populated by various monsters and ghouls. The vague storyline is that the group is trying to get more treats than they got last year.

Why is lemonade on this list??

Why is lemonade on this list??

I absolutely love everyone’s costumes. Hyde is a bat-like creature with a top hat.

"Don't mind my friend here. He just lost his head"

“Don’t mind my friend here. He just lost his head”

Daigo is a mummy and Yasu is half a skeleton.

"Hi there! Give us candy!"

“Hi there! Give us candy!”

I’m not quite sure what Anna Tsuchiya is supposed to be, but she’s legit the most terrifying one in the whole video.

"I'll see you in your nightmares"

“I’ll see you in your nightmares”

And poor Hitsugi from the band Nightmare apparently got stuck with the costume no one wanted.

"This is MY worst nightmare"

“This is MY worst nightmare”

All in all, this is a great song and music video for anyone who loves Halloween and all the fun costumes that go with the holiday. What did you think? Was this a trick or a treat? Who had the best costume? Any other Halloween-themed songs to recommend? Feel free to leave a comment!


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