Music Rec Wednesdays: Eric Church – The Outsiders

I’m starting a new feature called Music Rec Wednesdays. As you can guess from the name, I’m going to make a post recommending a song, album, or artist I like. Not a full review, just some thoughts on what I like. I’ll try to post one every Wednesday.

So come on in and check out the first one!

I decided to pick a song from American country music artist Eric Church as my first music recommendation. Actually, to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Eric Church. Most of his songs just don’t resonate with me. But I really like The Outsiders. It’s the title track from his fourth album, released in February 2014. Sadly, there’s no music video so here’s just the audio of the song:

The lyrics aren’t all that exciting (unless you like the idea that Eric Church is apparently a part of a motorcycle gang and he probably has to spend lots of money replacing all those tires he burns?).

What I really like this song for is the music. When I hear this song, it feels like some sort of edgy throwback to country music of the past. In my opinion, it sounds like something Charlie Daniels would have put together. Or anyone associated with what was called “Outlaw” country music. That’s just how I hear it though. (Actually, I’m probably the only one who hears this song and thinks Charlie Daniels Band. lol) I grew up listening to country music, but then mostly abandoned it for rock music because I’m really fond of crazy guitar solos. So, for me, this song is a good combo of the best of both worlds.

At around 3:10 through to the end of the song, the band just goes all out. It’s a jam session, and it really sort of solidifies that feeling of camaraderie that Church sings about in the lyrics. It’s just a great way to end the song.

Here’s a live performance of the song if you’d like to see the band in action:

So what do you think? Love this song? Hate it? Just feel sort of meh? Got any recommendations similar to this song? Leave a comment if you’d like! I’ll be back with another song next week!


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