Suikyuu Yankees Episode 10 Recap/Review: In it to win it

suiyan 10 the battle is about to begin

So here we are, y’all. The final episode. I have a lot to say about this episode and this series, but I’ll save it for the end, so let’s jump right to the recap part and see how the KasuKou vs. Suiran match goes down.

Starting off, we see the whole crowd gathered for the match. Even Mean VP is cheering loudly for KasuKou! (I guess getting punched in the face a few episodes ago knocked some sense into him.)

"We couldn't afford to buy blue shirts. But these towels were on sale"

“We couldn’t afford to buy blue shirts. But these towels were on sale”

"I feel like throwing up" "That's what love feels like, honey"

“I feel like throwing up”

Yoko is listening by radio but he’s trying to decide whether to go or not.

"I'm thinking about going to watch some high schoolers play water polo. Is that weird?"

“I’m thinking about going to watch some high schoolers play water polo. Is that weird?”

Meanwhile, in the locker room, Ryuji is worried about Naoya’s shoulder. Naoya though just says that he’s okay. (even though he was very clearly holding his shoulder just a second ago) Chiharu-sensei gathers them together for a pep talk that takes the form of a flashback montage. Now the Mizu Tama Team is all fired up and ready to go!

And then, of course, the camera gives us some fanservice just in case you forgot this was a show about boys in speedos.

suiyan 10 the most obvious fanservice shot

suiyan 10 the most obvious fanservice shot 2

Right off the bat, the KasuKou boys are showing excellent teamwork by passing the ball to each other. It surprises Suiran and they score the first point. When Suiran tries to start playing dirty, the KasuKou boys remember all the times they got beat up by those mean Suiran guys (well, mostly just Asshole Goda).

"Side-eyeing you so hard right now. Don't touch my speedo"

“Side-eyeing you so hard right now. Don’t touch my speedo”

Anyway, that gives them the motivation to fight back and they score again. Unfortunately, Naoya’s shoulder is starting to give him some trouble. The score at the end of the first period is KasuKou 2, Suiran 1.

Naoya keeps insisting that he’s totally okay even though his shoulder is giving him lots of pain. So the score at the end of the second period is KasuKou 3, Suiran 10. That’s not looking good. What happened to defense??

During halftime, Torao confronts Goda because he doesn’t like the way they are playing. Coach Lady is shady as always though and insists that KasuKou absolutely cannot win.

"Why doesn't anyone want to sit with me?"

“Why doesn’t anyone want to sit with me?”

Torao doesn’t look too happy about that. (I assume Torao wants to win fair and square, which is a nice change from the first episode when he basically tried to drown Naoya. Hooray for character development!)

"I've suddenly realized that I'm surrounded by assholes"

“I’ve come to the sudden realization that my teammates might be assholes”

Ryuji finally puts his foot down and insists that Naoya sit out for a while.

"Naoya, I'm concerned that your arm might just fall off."

“Naoya, I’m concerned that your arm might just fall off.”

Even though it’ll be tough, they’ll keep on with just six players. Coach Lady says that’s kinda crazy but Chiharu just says that she believes in their power. Coach Lady looks like she’s about to have her own existential crisis.

"Have I been coaching wrong the entire time?"

“Have I been coaching wrong the entire time?”

All of the Suiran girls have been watching from the sidelines and Nagisa is quite worried. Finally, Riko admits that even though she likes Naoya, Nagisa is the one who should go be by his side.

"I'm not sad. I just have chlorine in my eye"

“I’m not sad. I just have chlorine in my eye”

The crowd starts cheering loudly for KasuKou and the team is really touched by their support. “Let’s do this for Naoya,” Ryuji declares and they all jump into the pool.

"How long have we had a cheering section?"

“How long have we had a cheering section?”

Meanwhile, Naoya is getting doctored up and Nagisa comes to check on him. And she writes “teppen” on his hand. (Teppen means “peak” or “top” and it’s one of the things Naoya says all the time)

"Did you use a permanent marker? Is it waterproof?"

“Did you use a permanent marker? Is it waterproof?”

Nagisa gives him a motivational speech and it doesn’t involve yelling. I’m proud. They both look like they’re about to cry.

"It's the last episode. I'm feeling kinda emotional."

“It’s the last episode. I’m feeling kinda emotional.”

When Naoya returns, the third period is over but things still aren’t looking so good. The score is KasuKou 6, Suiran 11. (But honestly, Suiran only scored one goal that time. It’s not so bad. That’s good defense!)

Over with the Suiran team, Torao is totally fed up with their strategy and Goda. So he begs Coach Lady to let them do something else. (Honestly, this is where my listening skills failed me. But I’m pretty sure the gist of it was that he wants to win fair and square)

"I still think we can win this."

“I still think we can win this.”

Coach Lady is basically like “Do whatever you want. I believe in you.”

Oh, and then Yoko shows up! Dude, the game is almost over. Did you miss a train or something?

"I'm a little upset they already closed the concession stand. I wanted snacks."

“I’m a little upset they already closed the concession stand. I wanted snacks.”

Anyway, he repeats his famous influential speech and this encourages the team.

Before they get back in the water, Ryuji and Naoya have a moment because Ryuji realizes that Nagisa is totally focused on Naoya. I guess he’s just accepted the fact that he’s the odd one out in this love triangle? Anyway, Nagisa and Naoya give each other dorky thumbs up.

suiyan 10 naoya is secretly the fonz

suiyan 10 cheesy thumbs up is acceptable

The final period begins and it’s a fast-paced game. Both teams are scoring left and right until finally the score is tied at 13 to 13 and there’s only 30 seconds left. Torao shoots but Naoya blocks with his “teppen” hand. And then Naoya and Ryuji have this weird telepathic moment. And then the team passes the ball to each other (combined with more flashbacks to their best moments from the series). And at the very last second, Naoya shoots and scores! KASUKOU WINS! *Cue the cheering and celebrations*

Torao and Ryuji shake hands after the game. “You’re my best rival,” Ryuji says, “Let’s challenge each other again sometime.”

"Let's be bros now."

“Let’s be bros now.”

(Also, Torao smiles. TWICE. And one of those times was at Naoya. Oh how things have changed since episode one…)

"I guess we are bros now too."

“I guess we are bros now too.”

The good feelings continue with Nice Principal telling them that KasuKou has been saved! Remember that folks, water polo can SAVE YOUR SCHOOL.

And then Yoko gives Naoya the jacket back and says “You’ve gotten strong.” I think they may be besties now or something. (Getting punched in the face is a great way to make new friends! Take note!)

"Wear a jacket, kid. You'll catch cold."

“Wear a jacket, kid. You’ll catch cold.”

As Nagisa is leaving, Naoya runs after her. And then he starts freaking out which is kinda hilarious.

"Does anyone have a paper bag? I'm hyperventilating"

“Does anyone have a paper bag? I’m hyperventilating”

And then he shouts his confession of love at her (which is fitting). And she says she likes him too. (For realz this time! Sorry Ryuji/Nagisa shippers)

"The doctor gave me the news. I got a bad case of loving you."

“The doctor gave me the news. I got a bad case of loving you.”


"No we weren't spying on you. We're practicing to join the cheerleading squad. Still needs some work"

“No we weren’t spying on you. We’re practicing to join the cheerleading squad. Still needs some work”

The end is Nagisa writing a letter, narrating what happened after the “summer of water polo” was over. Torao is teaching (?) and/or assisting (?) the water polo class at Suiran. (Sorry I couldn’t quite catch what Nagisa was saying)

"You can call me Torao-sensei"

“You can call me Torao-sensei”

Chiharu is studying up on conditioning training. The Baka Trio finally got to meet their idols in person and now one of the Baka Trio is a designer. Ryuji’s putting his all into training for college.

"I should have just joined the track team"

“I should have just joined the track team”

Chiaki and Suiran girl are dating and, surprisingly, so are Kouki and Riko??!?!?!?! WHAAAAAAT. (It’s cute but I totally not expecting that!)

Raise your hand if you guessed these two would end up together.

“Bet you weren’t expecting THIS?”

Yoko is studying when he has free time at work so he can become a teacher (?) one day. Coach Lady is now teaching water polo to children. (Is that a good idea??) Nagisa says she’s going to play water polo in college.

And as for Naoya… well he’s just being himself and rescuing kids from bullies. And so it continues on…

"Have this jacket, kid. It might just change your life."  /whispers/ "But don't dye your hair"

“Have this jacket, kid. It might just change your life.”
/whispers/ “But don’t dye your hair”

Oh, and there’s a photo in Nagisa’s room showing that KasuKou won the inter-high championship. Nice!



And the show ends with Nagisa’s voiceover saying “Thank you Naoya.”

…That’s it, y’all. What did you think? Endings are always the hardest to write. Often times, I find myself unsatisfied with how TV shows end. And I would be lying if I didn’t say that filling up almost the whole episode with a water polo match was a little disappointing. For a show that consistently went above and beyond my expectations, there was surprisingly little in this episode that was surprising. But then again, how else would they have ended the series? Despite all this though, I still really loved this series. It was full of laughter and nice three-dimensional characters, which is all I ask for in any show. Above all, it was always entertaining to watch. I’m not going to sit here and pick through every little problem I have with the writing because it’s really not that much. I liked it. I’d watch it again. I’d watch a second season or a movie if that existed. Suikyuu Yankees was fun. Excellent casting, excellent writing, excellent use of corn. In my opinion, everyone is a winner!

Final questions!

1.) What was your favorite scene/character/moment/anything?

2.) Do you think it’s a good idea for Coach Lady to teach children?

3.) Does Chiharu actually teach any classes?

4.) Did ANYONE guess Kouki and Riko would get together???

5.) Have any final thoughts on the resolution of the love triangle? Are you happy or is your heart broken?

5.5) If you started dating someone who lived with your family, would your parents kick them out? Just wondering.

6.) Do you want to go join a water polo team now?

So, friends, what did you think of the series? I’d love to talk more about the show and hear other people’s opinions, so please feel free to leave a comment. And if anyone is interested, I’d love to have a discussion on character development. (I am a writing nerd, I know.)

Thanks so much for checking out my recaps each week, and for sticking with me even though I’m new to this! It’s been fun! Check back again soon because I have a SuiYan wrap-up post I’m putting together just for fun (because I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to this series yet)

“Don’t give up! The possibilities are endless!” ^_^


8 thoughts on “Suikyuu Yankees Episode 10 Recap/Review: In it to win it

  1. 1. My favorite character is Naoya, Yuto was the reason I started watching this show so I was always rooting for him, but I secretly always get excited when I see Polka-chan (school mascot) make cameos, even of he’s not a real character. I also liked to stare at Ruijy’s face because he’s a nice looking guy so I never minded having him appear. I was always on the lookout for Torao and interested to see his relationship with Rei and his character development. From the girls, I liked Chioki’s girlfriend, she was really pretty and added some comic relief and it’s nice to see the girls from the rival team to not be so serious as you think they are. Since Rei although she had a pretty face, her character was one-dimentional.
    I don’t remember having a favorite scene but I really liked these last episodes. I guess I liked when Naoya teased Nagisa that she looked like Polka-chan when she was mad and then they went to eat some corn lol and I liked the scenes with Naoya and Yoko in them as well because they were very heart touching.

    2. Yes, maybe it’ll do more good for her than the kids lol. I think she’s going to try to become a couch that will focus on teamwork and helping the children develop their water polo and swimming skills rather than just focusing on winning.

    3. I honestly didn’t even realize the school had any staff members beside Chiharu, the vice principal, and the principal until this episode lol. We barely saw episodes of the team inside the classroom, we saw more of Suiran’s classrooms in the last couple of episodes. So I guess she was a teacher, but that part of her wasn’t as relevant because none of her students were wearing speedos then haha.

    4. Noooo, haha. I guess I’m kind of happy they ended up together so Koki wouldn’t have to be alone now that Chioki has a girlfriend, but honestly I thought there was a higher chance of her ending up with the one of the baka trio or even Ruijy (which would be really hard to imagine haha), but I’m glad they ended up together. I swear this show has a record for romantic plot twists lol.

    5. I am happy about Nagisa and Naoya, but heartbroken for Ruijy. I shipped him with Rei at first, but Torao and Ruijy woul stare at each other than stare at Rei, then I secretely shipped them haha. I mean all that staring had to mean something right? Haha, but I’m glad that Torao and Rei ended up together and that there was some explanation to their awkward relationship and they ended being my favorite couple, because they’re both so attractive and cute. I then shipped Ruijy with Naoya lol because they cared so much for each other, like if that’s not love then I don’t know what love is haha. I pretty much shipped Ruijy with everyone including myself but he ended up with nobody so I’ll just pretend that we’re together, but honestly the whole Ruijy-Naoya-Nagisa was really confusing until the last two episodes ao I didn’t want to ship Nagisa with anyone to not get disappointed, but I’m glad that her and Naoya got together because his confession was the cutest thing and it was so Naoya-like and it turns out even Naoya can have feelings such as love. ❤

    5.5 I guess it would depend, but most likely yes.

    6. I have the ost for this drama and whenever the first song of the album comes on it makes me want to join a sport but then I realize that it's probably not a good idea, and much less water polo because I can't swim haha.

    All in all I loved the show and it shows you how certain moments in your life, specially in your childhood could affect you as a person, so always try to set a good example, you never know who lives you may change. (I just realized you didn't mention that Naoya helped the same kid in the end that played baby Naoya, I thought it was a bit trippy haha)

    P.S. I want to thank you for your weekly reviews of this drama. I always read them even if I don't always comment, but thank you for yohr dedication and your good sense of humor because I LOVE your funny screen captions. They make me laugh all the time. God bless and I started following you on twitter, finally!

    • Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment! ^_^

      1.) Naoya was a pretty awesome character, wasn’t he? (And Yuto is awesome too! Question: are you a HSJ fan too? Or just Yuto? Just curious~) But really all of the characters were pretty interesting (and also just pretty. lol). And POLKA-CHAN! Polka-chan was the true hero. So adorable even if his appearances were brief!
      I also really liked the scene you mentioned, when Naoya teases Nagisa. It was probably one of the cutest moments in the series. And, of course, they went to go eat corn! 😀

      2.) Yep, seems like that’s what Coach Lady’s gonna do, which is probably good, but I still think it’s funny that she went from terrible coach to teaching children. Haha. You’re right, it’ll be a good experience for her!

      3.) So I guess she was a teacher, but that part of her wasn’t as relevant because none of her students were wearing speedos then haha.
      LOL now I am imagining Chiharu making speedos a requirement in class. How could she incorporate speedos into the learning process? Hm…

      4.) I thought she would end up with the Baka Trio guy who liked Nagisa! But, yeah, they do make a good couple. They’re both always creepin’ on people. LOL. I agree, this show could totally win an award for most romantic twists.

      5.) LOL I’m still totally secretly shipping Torao/Ryuji even though I love Torao/Rei. THE STARING!! Haha. Naoya/Ryuji would have been an exciting plot twist though. I’m a little sad that Ryuji didn’t end up with anyone either, but he’s a good guy, so I have hope for his future. 😀 The love triangle was indeed kinda stressful, but I’m glad Ryuji wasn’t upset about how it all turned out. (I kinda wanted him to end up with Nagisa after they pushed each other in the pool, but oh well!) And Naoya’s confession was so adorable! Poor guy looked like he was so confused at first. And then he shouted his confession at her, OF COURSE. The writer’s did an excellent job there. (And so did Yuto)

      5.5) Saaaaame

      6.) Ooh, I’ll have to see if I can find the OST. Usually I pay a lot of attention to background music when I watch shows, but I was too distracted with all the recapping this time. Also, I think one of the Baka Trio couldn’t swim at first too! There’s hope for you too! 😀

      (Oops, I totally forgot to mention that was the same kid as Baby!Naoya. I loved that! Everything really did come around full circle)

      Thank YOU for reading each week! ^_^ I’m glad you liked my jokes even if most of them were super lame. (lol) And thanks for the twitter follow too!

      • 1.) I’m a Hey Say Jump fan, but Yuto’s my bias, but I loved Yuya from his Gokusen days and I’m always happy to see him or any of the Jump members in a drama. Polka-chan was so adorable & so was baby Naoya & baby Nagisa!! ❤

        2.) Well it's quite obvious high schoolers didnt work for her so now she has to try something new haha.

        3.) I have no idea haha, maybe if it was anatomy or art she could, but it will be difficult in a math class lol.

        4.) I agree haha.

        5.) I was just expecting Torao and Ruijy to just confess their love any time now. Rei who? Haha.
        I think Ruijy and Nagisa were cute, but I couldn't see Naoya with anyone other than Nagisa, unless they were willing to make Chiharu a candidate lmao, and I really wanted to know how they would make his character show feelings and yes it was incredibly well written and I think it's those small moments where Yuto as an actor shines the most.
        6.) The OST was gorgeous, it stood out to me since the earlier episode, the composers did amazing. I'm glad so many talented people got together to create this fun and heartwarming project. You should buy it. It's amazing. I bought it I'm cd Japan, it's a bit expensive, but it's totally worth it.
        I hope we have the same hope haha, but I will try it sometime.

        Yes I love how everything came full circle. LOVED baby Naoya, such a good looking kid (I swear I'm not a pedo lol) and he totally looked like Yuto. If you notice the last picture Torao is all over Ruijy and Rei is just there haha. True love. ❤

        No problem. 🙂

        • 1.) Yay fellow JUMP fan then! I’m not really active in fandom so I don’t have many friends who like the group, so it’s nice to say hi to someone who does. ^_^ (I liked Takaki in Gokusen too!)

          2.) Haha true!

          3.) Maybe… “let’s calculate the surface area of speedos?” LOL idk I am terrible at math.

          5.) My other secret OTP was Naoya/Corn because that’s definitely the only other thing he could have ended up with. 😛

          6.) Thanks for the heads up! I’m definitely going to add the OST to my list of things to save up for. (Speaking of expensive things, I almost wanted to buy the series on DVD but it’s like 19000 yen. T.T )

          Baby!Naoya was super adorable! And lol, I totally noticed Torao and Ryuji standing so close together in that photo. I was like “are you besties now??” Yep, true love! 😀


          • 1.) Same haha. Non of my friends even like Jdramas )):

            5.) Omg yesss!!!! Naoya and corn!! ❤ I saw some adorable fan art of Polka-chan eating corn lmao, so kawaii!!!

            6.) That's rediculously expensive, the OST is 2500 yen I believe. Well if it wasn't that expensive I would for sure buy it lol.

            • 1.) Aww 😦 Well if you ever want to chat about a jdrama you’re watching, you can talk to me on twitter! ^_^

              5.) Oh that sounds so cute!!

              6.) 2500 doesn’t sound that bad for an OST. 😀

  2. ah, I’m really sad…I really like suikyu yankees and your recap posts
    don’t want to say goodbye to this drama,but what else I can do? 😦

    “And then he shouts his confession of love at her (which is fitting). And she says she likes him too. (For realz this time! Sorry Ryuji/Nagisa shippers)”

    haha, I was one of Ryuji/Nagisa shippers in the beginning, but I guess Nagisa deserve better man who didn’t give and waste the chance to meet her in front of the temple in episode 8 *at least he can call* hehe

    and I really like what happened between Nagisa and Naoya..awww :3

    1.) What was your favorite scene/character/moment/anything?
    every scenes of Nagisa…I really like her,and she’s the main reason why I watch this drama.

    2.) Do you think it’s a good idea for Coach Lady to teach children?
    hmmm, I do think so, that smile of her is really nice when she’s with kids, that will be best for her.

    3.) Does Chiharu actually teach any classes?
    haha, I dunno. All I know is she’s always wearing short pants to school

    4.) Did ANYONE guess Kouki and Riko would get together???
    No! no one would thought that Koki and Riko will be an item in the end, wow this writer!

    5.) Have any final thoughts on the resolution of the love triangle? Are you happy or is your heart broken?
    I’m happy and acknowledging it, but sometimes the sad look in Ryuji’s eyes made me sad…ah

    5.5) If you started dating someone who lived with your family, would your parents kick them out? Just wondering.
    lol, probably my Dad will ask him to marry me x)

    6.) Do you want to go join a water polo team now?
    no,never. I’m totally suck at sport 😦

    thank you for replying my last comment, you’re so nice 🙂

    • Thanks for reading and commenting! I’ve had lots of fun making these recaps, so I’m going to miss Suikyuu Yankees too. What will I do with my Saturday nights now? lol

      Yeah, Naoya and Nagisa ended up being a pretty good match for each other. Poor Ryuji though! If only he had a cellphone during that time with the temple!! 😛

      1.) Nagisa is pretty awesome and adorable! She’s really the glue that holds everyone together ^_^

      2.) I think you have a good point!

      3.) LOL short pants! So true! I don’t think any of my teachers would have worn stuff like that at my school.

      4.) Oh those crazy writers! XD

      5.) I agree too. Let’s just imagine Ryuji meets a nice girl when he goes off to college~

      5.5) Oh! haha, that might be exciting!

      6.) Aww I’m pretty terrible at sports too. But hey, apparently anyone can learn water polo! 😀

      Thanks for coming back to comment again! You seem nice too! 🙂

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