Suikyuu Yankees Episode 7 Recap/Review: A Case of Mistaken Identity

suiyan 7 group meeting

So we’ve reached episode seven! And finally we have some conflict concerning Naoya! Even though Naoya is pretty much the main character, the story’s conflict has up until now centered around Ryuji. Naoya, on the other hand, has been gung-ho about water polo since the beginning. So here we have an episode that questions everything Naoya is about. Will he get kicked off the team and out of school? And how much does he really love water polo? Let’s find out!

So the last episode left off with Mean Vice Principal saying that Naoya is getting expelled from school. But why?? As it turns out, someone has done some vandalism in town and Naoya’s school ID card (remember the one Asshole Goda picked up?) was found at the scene.

Littering is bad, y'all.

Littering is bad, y’all.

The top line says "KasuKou Water Polo Club" and the bottom line has the words "evening dew" and "death pains" according to my dictionary.  WTF?

The top line says “KasuKou Water Polo Club” and the bottom line has the words “evening dew” and “death pains” according to my dictionary. I talked to a friend and it actually means “yoroshiku” in yankee slang. That makes more sense. 

Naoya gets blamed for this because of the ID but that seems like a bit of circumstantial evidence that probably wouldn’t hold up in court, but hey, high school is nothing like the criminal justice system! Guilty until proven innocent, right?

Chiharu-sensei tries to figure out what they can do to help Naoya but Nice Principal just apologizes instead. Welp. That wasn’t helpful at all.

"I'm just the principal of the school. I don't get to make decisions."

“I’m just the principal of the school. I don’t get to make decisions.”

Meanwhile over at Nagisa’s house, everyone is hanging out, eating corn, and discussing everything.

"This is how we discuss things in a civilized manner."

“This is how we discuss things in a civilized manner.”

Ryuji explains that while he was at Suiran’s water polo practice, he realized that he wasn’t the best player, but he believes Naoya is their team’s ace.

"Maybe I'm so good at water polo because my diet is nothing but corn?"

“Maybe I’m so good at water polo because my diet is nothing but corn?”

Everyone agrees with Ryuji and it’s a really nice team bonding moment. Naoya even says “you guys…” while trying to hold back happy tears. (And then he eats corn. Because of course he does. Why not? I would too.)

Ryuji volunteers to help Nagisa with the dishes after dinner.

This is for all you Ryuji/Nagisa shippers out there.

This is for all you Ryuji/Nagisa shippers out there. Domestic fluff.

And there’s one point where he’s about to say something important to her… but then he chickens out and says “nevermind.” At the end of this scene, we see that one of the Baka Trio (I’m sorry I still don’t remember his name) was listening outside the room. And he looks disappointed. He likes Nagisa too? The potential romance on this show is getting entirely too complicated!

There’s a really short scene where Nice Principal meets with Suiran Coach Lady in a restaurant. And Nice Principal says “but isn’t it great that those boys are aiming for the top together?” (that’s a rough translation) and Coach Lady’s response is a sort of smirk and something along the lines of “well this is a world of challenges.” Huh. The whole thing was weird. I didn’t quite understand the point of meeting, but whatever! It’s not important to this episode.

Next, one of the Suiran girls (does she have a name? idk) sees Asshole Goda giving a random guy a mysterious paper bag. She asks what that was all about but he doesn’t give her an answer. Hmm… suspicious…

This is not a drug deal but it looks suspiciously like one. Let's be real, Goda probably does that on the side too.

This is not a drug deal but it looks suspiciously like one. Let’s be real, Goda probably does that on the side too.

Back at Nagisa’s house again, Nagisa’ parents notice that Naoya is really happy. He explains that it’s wonderful to have good friends like he has now. Aww, that’s cute! Good for him!

"Gotta keep my hands in shape because I'm the ace!"

“Gotta keep my hands in shape because I’m the ace!”

The next day at school, the team discovers that they may have some trouble continuing with practice.

"We didn't order these Halloween decorations"

“We didn’t order these Halloween decorations”

Mean Vice Principal shows up to keep them from having any fun. This is his only purpose. NO FUN EVER.

"Didn't you see the KEEP OUT signs? I spent school money on that stuff!"

“Didn’t you see the KEEP OUT signs? I spent school money on that stuff!”

Oh and then this legitimately happened and it was not a dream sequence or anything. LOL

"I'm gonna do some excellent water polo training in this ankle-deep water!"

“I’m gonna do some serious water polo training in this ankle-deep water!”

Nagisa, of course, isn’t really happy about a kiddie pool in the middle of the temple grounds. Oblivious Naoya doesn’t understand why she’s upset and asks if she wants to get in too. She doesn’t, but her friend immediately volunteers.

"I'll swim with you to the ends of the earth!"

“I’ll swim with you to the ends of the earth!”

Anyway, Naoya is just happy about life and water polo and KasuKou and basically everything. (Maybe he’s just extra happy that being expelled means he doesn’t have to go to school right now?)

Meanwhile, the rest of the team is trying to figure out who really did all the vandalism and set up Naoya. Unfortunately for the boys, they find more of the same graffiti, and all the townspeople show up. Saying they aren’t happy about it is a bit of an understatement.

Nameless Suiran Girl runs into someone who she thinks is Naoya, but it actually turns out to be that sketchy guy with Goda earlier.

"I'm just a 35 yr old man pretending to be a high school student. It happens all the time on TV."

“I’m just a 35 yr old man pretending to be a high school student. It happens all the time on TV.”

Asshole Goda had given him some clothes and a wig to impersonate Naoya and wreck havoc on the town! (I’m disappointed we have no scene of Goda picking out the perfect blond wig in a costume shop. Wasted opportunity, y’all!) Anyway, Sketchy Guy runs away and Suiran Girl runs into Chiaki and Kouki. I think she and Chiaki have a moment. Afterwards, Chiaki and Kouki try to tell everyone that Naoya wasn’t the graffiti guy but nobody believes them. They try to get Suiran Girl to back up their story but she runs away instead. So in the end, Mean Vice Principal just decides to completely abolish KasuKou’s water polo club. OH NO! Ryuji calls Mean VP out on this though. “Aren’t you a KasuKou teacher? You don’t even believe your own students?”

The team apologizes to Naoya but he’s not too upset. In fact, he’s got a better idea: let’s break into the school?

"It isn't considered breaking and entering if we climb OVER the building right??"

“It isn’t considered breaking and entering if we climb OVER the building right??”

I guess they really really really wanted to practice. Alright, so this is probably not the best idea but it was really fun to watch them play together in the pool. They finally feel like a real team and a real group of friends. Yay! (But seriously y’all, don’t break into your school at night to play water polo.)

So, the next day at school, Naoya shows up and declares “I’m the criminal!”

"I came to rain on my own parade..."

“I came to rain on my own parade…”




So Mean VP is like “You’re definitely EXPELLED” and Naoya’s response is “YEP. I’m quitting and saying goodbye to this school!” And he runs out the door. What an unexpected turn of events! Naoya, I don’t understand how your brain works. (But actually I think he’s trying to take all the blame himself so that the rest of the team can still play water polo? Still though. This is a bad plan.)

On a sidenote, can we all just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Nice Principal made this face in reaction to Mean VP getting punched:

"Well okay then"

“Well okay then”

Naoya tells Nagisa about all this afterwards, pretending to be really nonchalant about it, but Nagisa sees right through him. She demands the truth. And so he tells her. He wants to protect KasuKou more than anything, and he thinks this way is best. Nagisa yells at him but Naoya just leaves.

This is for all you Naoya/Nagisa shippers out there.

This is for all you Naoya/Nagisa shippers out there.

It’s all really sad, but then the camera pans around to reveal that the entire team plus Chiharu-sensei were watching the whole thing? I’m sorry but that totally ruined the moment for me. I laughed. I laughed a lot. More than I should have.

"Well this is awkward."

“Well this is awkward.”

So at Suiran, the boys are all laughing about what happened to Naoya and this makes Nagisa very upset and she yells at them. (GO NAGISA!) Goda asks if she’s really friends with the KasuKou boys and she says yes, “so don’t make fun of Naoya.” And then Goda makes the same mistake that causes the downfall of every villain: he admits that he’s the one who set the whole thing up. Nagisa tries to beat him up but Torao holds her back.

The next scene is Naoya at what I guess is a sort of town meeting? I don’t quite know, but he’s explaining himself to the people of the community and apologizing and telling them not to hold his actions against KasuKou itself. And then the rest of the team makes their grand entrance.

If there's one thing I've learned from jdramas, it's that everything can be solved with a heartfelt apology.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from jdramas, it’s that everything can be solved with a heartfelt apology.

“We’ve got something to say,” Chiharu tells the group of people. Ryuji reminds Naoya that he’s the team’s ace player. And they all say that they support Naoya. By the end of their nice speech, they get Naoya to admit that he wants to play water polo again.

"Water polo is my life now!"

“I hope one of you brought me some tissues.”

And then suddenly, Nice Principal comes in with Suiran Girl and explains that it was another guy in a wig. So problem solved!

"Somebody lost their weave."

“Somebody lost their weave.”

Also, Asshole Goda was watching from the window the entire time. CREEPER.

"And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for them meddling kids!"

“And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for them meddling kids!”

So in the end, everything worked out. Naoya was not expelled (although, seriously, he should probably be punished for punching the glasses off of Mean VP’s face but whatevs) and the team finally gets to practice! Or they would have if the townspeople hadn’t shown up to apologize for being mean to Naoya. But they brought food so it’s all good!

"We brought some food to make up for accusing you of vandalism."

“We brought some food to make up for accusing you of vandalism.”

And so the episode ends with Naoya and Nagisa being cute and the whole family eating corn. All is right with the world again.

They are cute dorks.

They are cute dorks.

"I just love corn so much!"

“I just love corn so much!”

So the episode ends without a PLOT TWIST like the past couple episodes have. But that’s okay with me because this ending was lovely. From the preview, it looks like the next episode will be a training camp! (I guess Naoya’s invitations from last episode were for an actual place and not one he just made up? Can anyone clarify this for me?)

My overall thoughts on the episode were that it was really good. It’s about time that Naoya had some conflict to deal with. And it gave Nakajima Yuto the chance to show off more of his acting range. I’m not an actor so I really can’t say for sure, but I think Yuto does a nice job of switching between emotions quickly as he portrays Naoya. (It probably also helps that Yuto is basically the human equivalent of a really tall puppy)

As for Nagisa, I think Ohara Sakurako has been very consistent in her acting as well. At first, I was wary about a female character that spends a lot of time yelling at people and just existing to be a love interest, but the script has given her more to flesh out her character as the series progresses. It’s okay that she yells at boys a lot because it’s balanced with the quieter times where she is talking seriously with Naoya or Ryuji. Everything is about proper balance, right? The scene where she confronts Goda is probably her best so far. You could tell that she’s just been bottling everything up until she finally snaps. I’m really looking forward to seeing what will happen to her character in the last few episodes.

As I might have said before, this show has really exceeded my expectations. Sports shows and movies can sometimes slip into predictability, but this one has done a good job of keeping me on my toes. The episodes have been focusing on things I wouldn’t expect while also staying in the familiar territory of themes like friendship and hard work. I was a bit worried about this episode in particular because the whole main-character-is-accused-of-crime-he-didn’t-commit is a common storyline in these delinquent high school student dramas. It happened in Gokusen multiple times. (Fun fact: Takaki Yuya was a delinquent in season three of that show) It happened in Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou. (Another fun fact: Takaki was in that show too and this storyline actually happened to his character.) And it’s been a while since I watched Misaki Number One, but I’m positive it happened to those characters too. (Another very fun fact: Oomasa Aya was one of the delinquent students in that show). But the fun thing about Suikyuu Yankees is that even though this same plot happened to Naoya, I didn’t feel like I was watching the same thing that I’ve already seen a thousand times before. I don’t know why, but that’s just how much I really like this drama. If anyone has any thoughts on the subject, I’d love to hear them!

And just for fun y’all, I actually did make a love chart for the show. LOL. Playing with Microsoft Paint reminds me of elementary school. Here you go:

So I got a little lazy and didn't put clothes or hair on everyone. Forgive me!

The UST thing between Torao and Ryuji is a joke… mostly.

And lastly, here are some questions for fun!

1.) Will the KasuKou team ever get some decent practice before they play another match?

2.) Would you ever punch a teacher just to prove a point?

3.) Have you ever disliked someone so much that you bought a wig and hired someone to frame that person?

4.) Do you think the prop department will run of out corn for the cast to eat before the series is through?

5.) Have you ever broken into your school? If so, please tell me why you would want to do that??

6.) After this episode, how is everyone feeling about the romance now?

Feel free to leave a comment! I’m always happy to chat! We only have three more episodes to go, so see you again next week!


9 thoughts on “Suikyuu Yankees Episode 7 Recap/Review: A Case of Mistaken Identity

  1. “Maybe I’m so good at water polo because my diet is nothing but corn?”
    ROFLLLLLLLLLLL also that was a well-timed screenshot to go along with this. YUTO’S FACE.

    THE DOMESTIC SCENE WAS SO CUTE. SO CUTE sjlhdnbds /claws at face
    But then that long pause sighs THERE’S ALWAYS A LONG PAUSE I’M SO MAD AT RYUJI RN.
    Poor Baka Trio guy (sorry dude, I also can’t remember your name and seeing as it’s already episode 7 I don’t think this is going to change anytime soon).

    AGAIN. Yuto’s face. *squishes him* He did a good job with the whole “I’m super sad but I’m going to act so unbelievably happy people won’t suspect a thing, but really everyone know’s it’s just an act YAY!” act. ,,,/bias is showing again, sorry

    ROFL THE NEXT SCENE HAD ME LAUGHING SO HARD. NAOYA PLEASE ARE YOU FIVE also Riko crouching down at the end fjalhsdf HAHAHAHA. Her face when she offered to come in with him is priceless ugh.

    Aw man, now I totally want to see Goda buying a wig too.


    asdfghjkljhgf i was also so shocked when he punched the vice principal. But yesss Principal’s face provided comic relief LOL he’s so chill.

    The Naoya/Nagisa scene ugh my hearttttttttttt. AND THEN THE REST OF THE CLASS IS JUST STANDING THERE WATCHING THEM IN A LINE I totally lost it as well hahahahahahaha.

    Omg omg omg omg that scene where Nagisa gets really upset at Goda and Torao has to hold her back is my FAVOURITE. I’m still not over it yet. NOT OVER IT. I liked the build up to where she was just really sad and explaining that she knew Naoya wouldn’t do something like that, and then trying to keep it together when Goda goaded her and when she finally couldn’t hold it back anymore (jsdlfjkh i can still hear his laughter ringing in my ears DAMN IT GODA). Her cries were heartbreaking. D: Torao holding her back and her fighting so hard to break free. ;_; That was a good scene. >.> <.<


    I think the invitations were to an actual place (but my memory is really bad so I could be wrong).

    It probably also helps that Yuto is basically the human equivalent of a really tall puppy

    I agree with you about the predictability of sports and yankee dramas, and how Suikyuu has enough differences to continue surprising us!!! This episode definitely was reminiscent of other similar dramas (I just had this brilliant flashback of Takaki in Bakaleya, wow it’s been a while since I watched it), but I think they did a good job in carrying it out. :DDDD All the domestic bits in between. A nice (though admittedly, rather useless at most times) principal probably helps. And corn as a recurring theme. xDDDD I’ve found with other yankee/high school dramas I actually stopped watching because I got bored with the predictability, or there weren’t enough characters that interested me, but I’m so invested in this drama, as you already know. xDDD

    The UST line between Ryuji x Torao makes me laugh every time. It’s so true.

    1. Man, I hope so. Go get some practice in guys, no more slacking.
    2. TOO SCARED.
    3. Goda is one invested enemy with too much time on his hands. Dude, if you have time to go and buy a wig and make shady deals with people at night….
    4. Maybe someone in the cast/crew owns a corn farm (????? I’m sure there’s a proper term for this) and they just..keep bringing in more corn than people can eat. At any rate, I hope they don’t run out because I know live for the slightest appearance of corn.
    5. LOL
    6. /CLAWS AT FACE TOO MANY PAIRINGS. TOO MANY. CAN’T COPE. Why am I so invested in the pairings.

    • Sometimes I get really lucky with the screencaps! Yuto makes the best faces!

      Isn’t it funny how the Suiran team/Torao are supposed to be the source of conflict in this show and yet RYUJI CAUSES ALL THE ANGST. Ahahahaha. I was disappointed that he chickened out.

      Yuto is adorable so I can’t blame you for the bias! ^_^ Takaki is mine so… <..>

      What I want to know is where did Naoya get that kiddie pool from anyway??? I have too many questions! Gosh, the humor in this show is just wonderful.

      Adding shopping Goda to my crack fic ideas?

      I KNOW RIGHT??? Why didn’t they just walk around the building? Or climb over the much shorter fence? You know you think about a drama too much when you have this many questions… ^_^;

      Nice Principal is my secret favorite character.

      It’s like the whole team moves as one collective! I mean, what were they even doing there anyway?? Other than to ruin the moment of course!

      I totally agree! Nagisa’s big scene might be my favorite so far. Ugh. The emotions! *holds heart*

      Ah, you’re probably right! I just assumed Naoya had made up the training camp himself because he was giving them his fancy handwritten invites. At the time, I *did* wonder why there was a price listed on them…

      Yes, my thoughts exactly! I’m beginning to think it’s the combination of speedos and the nice character work that really helps Suikyuu. And, yes, I’ve dropped shows because of predictability too. (And I’ve also suffered through some really bad ones too because I’m a masochist. >.>)

      1.) At this point, I’m sure they will win by the power of love. Or the power of nice inspirational background music. 😛
      2.) EXACTLY
      3.) Perhaps Goda should join a few more sports teams or clubs or something. GET A LIFE MAAAAAN.
      4.) There’s not really a proper term so “corn farm” works! ^_^ I HOPE THEY DON’T RUN OUT EITHER!
      5.) XD
      6.) *pats shoulder* There there, friend. There, there. 🙂

  2. RYUJI CAUSES ALL THE ANGST INDEED. My goodness. I do like that his bouts of broodiness are interspersed with cute bits (boy, you are /really/ lucky Nagisa likes you) and domestic fluff bits (always a sucker for domestic fluff >.>) though, so I forgive him. Even if it did take only one winning shot from Torao for him to give up water polo and begin his life as an Angsty Teenage Boy.

    Takaki is wonderful. *____* It’s a good thing for both of us that we’re both love this drama so much! 😀

    SAME, SAME. WHERE DID HE GET THE POOL did Nagisa’s parents have it hiding in their shed, did Riko bring it over for some reason, did Riko know Naoya was going to be splashing around in a kiddie pool when she came over I HAVE ALL THESE irrelevant IMPORTANT QUESTIONS THAT ARE NEVER GOING TO BE ANSWERED BY THE DRAMA WRITERS. The humour is wonderful indeed. *___*

    YESSSSSSSSSssssss I look forward to it. xD

    RIGHT? WHY DID THEY HAVE TO /CLIMB OVER THE ROOF/ I’m laughing again just remembering the scene.
    You know you think about a drama too much when you have this many questions
    Totallyyyyyy lol, I don’t think I’ve ever had this many questions for a drama in a long time, which goes to show how good this one is.

    Nice Principal is wonderful. *___* Though sometimes he seems more like the inspirational gardener than a principal.

    RIGHT?! Just casually watching on as Nagisa and Naoya has a heart to heart. Even Chiharu was there!!! WHY.

    Oh mannnnn Naoya’s fancy invites/notes are amazing LOL. I think my favourite so far is the one he stuck on Nagisa’s face while she was sleeping (AGAIN, how does he get into her room) (I feel like Why You Were Sleeping would be a great title for a Naoya fic *coughs*). But yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if his invites did turn out to be fake because I don’t know if I actually trust him to make the reservations xDDDDDD Unless Chiharu did it for him and he volunteered to write the invitations with his big puppy smile. and because he was the only one showing up to practices

    xD The speedos are important! xD
    (Oh goodness, me too. I actually thought Suikyuu was going to be terrible when I first heard the news. I never predicted just how wonderful I would find it.)

    1. BOTH both is good. xD I’m in love with the Suikyuu soundtrack. *___*
    3. YEAH. I’m sure there are plenty of things to do besides water polo and making shady almost-drug-like-deals with people
    4. Oh good xDDD It sounded totally weird to me this morning. We should start a chant or something. WE WANT CORN. WE WANT CORN. Corn + Naoya 4eva. Idk. I also want to know why/when/how he came to love corn so much….. >__________________>
    6. /clings to

    • Why You Were Sleeping <<<—— I meant "While you were sleeping". "Why" would make for a completely different fic, lmao.

      • Ryuji is SUCH a teenage boy. The angst is required. I almost forgot I was watching a drama about HIGH SCHOOLERS. LOL

        Oblivious Naoya is such a kleptomaniac, he probably jacked the kiddie pool from somewhere and said he was “borrowing” it. Like he “borrowed” Nagisa’s book. And that lady’s bike. And the school’s soccer goal. Etc… This is my headcanon anyway <.<

        Wait! What if all the corn comes from Nice Principal's garden?????? PLOT TWIST.

        The note of Nagisa's face was hilarious! How did she not wake up?? (I will totally write While You Were Sleeping… and you can write Why You Were Sleeping. Ahahahahaha)

        I think that if Ryuji and Nagisa end up together, I can just ship Naoya/Corn. OTP right there.

        • I am doing such a bad job at remembering to hit the reply button instead of using the comment box SORRY for screwing up our comment threads. >_<

          LOL TRUE.

          ….that is a perfect theory omg. HAHAHAHA THE SCHOOL'S SOCCER GOAL that was actually brilliant. Oh man, Naoya being a kleptomaniac would explain /everything/.


          IKR. (Hahahahahahahaha #challengeaccepted)

          Yup, I think I'll climb aboard that ship right there with you.

          • Haha it’s totally okay! I did that the other day too actually. WordPress has the weirdest defaults and I’m slowly fixing them where I can. (Apparently it wanted to cap comment threads at 3 before I changed it. THREE IS NOT ENOUGH!)

            I mean, it’s not like the school was *using* that soccer goal, right? Riiiiight??

            *sails away on the HMS Corn ship*

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