Suikyuu Yankees Episode 6 Recap/Review: You are not alone!

Episode six teaches us all a very important lesson. It’s a lesson that we have heard countless times before, but somehow always need to be reminded about. And that is: You are not alone!

In a drama about friendship, this is a vital lesson! And therefore, this is a vital episode! Let’s talk about what happened!

So here we start off with water polo practice. Or, you know, it would have been practice if anyone other than Naoya and Chiharu-sensei had shown up.

"You can't be the goalie and the scorer at the same time. It's a conflict of interest"

“You can’t be the goalie and the scorer at the same time. It’s a conflict of interest”

Seriously, when these guys win a water polo match it will be through the power of their hearts or magic or something. You have one training montage at an aquarium and suddenly you think you’re the best at any water sport! LOL

Naoya goes off in search of the team and finds the Baka Trio rehearsing dance moves from their favorite idol lady, Hashimoto Kanna from Rev.fromDVL.

"We might need to work more on synchronization"

“We might need to work more on synchronization”

Naoya hilarious believes they are practicing defense moves for water polo. Never change Naoya, never change.

"Dude, you're throwing off the symmetry of our dance"

“Dude, you’re throwing off the symmetry of our dance”

Anyway, he’s got a sort of training camp planned to help the team improve, but nobody wants to come to it. In fact, everyone’s sort of over water polo now that Ryuji left and they lost their first match. Understandably, since water polo is now basically Naoya’s life, he’s a bit sad about this.

"Where did all my friends go?"

“Where did all my friends go?”

Of course, the next scene cuts from Naoya’s sad face right to Brooding Ryuji’s sorta sad face.

Brooding Ryuji is back!

Brooding Ryuji is back!

Coach Lady tells him to do his best, and the rest of the team is just watching to see what’s gonna go down between him and Torao. I was crossing my fingers for Torao pushing Ryuji into the pool but that unfortunately didn’t happen! We did, however, get another brief shot of Torao staring at Ryuji again for no apparent reason.

I'm starting to ship Torao/Ryuji, y'all.

I’m starting to ship Torao/Ryuji, y’all.

Anyway, I still don’t understand why Ryuji went to Suiran. I apologize for being terrible at writing recaps.  😦

Over at Nagisa’s family dinner, Nagisa gets annoyed that Naoya keeps teasing her when she suggests he should give up water polo. Nagisa has a talk with her mom and mom says something about it’s good to have friends. And then she said something about corn and made it into a metaphor but honestly I was laughing too much about corn being a recurring plot point that I have no idea what she said. Sorry y’all.

"The prop department had all this extra corn so they kept writing it into the script. Uh, I mean... friends are great."

“The prop department had all this extra corn so they kept writing it into the script. Uh, I mean… friends are great.”

At school, there’s a brief scene where Mean Vice Principal tells Chiharu-sensei that she should give up on the water polo team too, because what’s the point without Ryuji? (Considering the amount of practice the rest of the team puts in without Ryuji around, he maybe has a valid point?)

Over at Suiran, Nagisa and Ryuji have a bit of bonding time while passing out papers.

"Let me help you with those heavy papers"

“Let me help you with those heavy papers”

Nagisa asks Ryuji if it’s really okay for him to just leave all his friends as KasuKou, but the scene cuts to Naoya and Chiharu before he gives an answer. Chiharu suggests to Naoya that maybe they should give up on water polo because, well, Naoya is the only one coming to practice these days. Naoya’s answer is an emphatic NOPE.

In a surprising turn of events, we get a short scene where Chiharu-sensei is drinking with Nice Principal but she’s not super wasted like usual. Good for her! Nice Principle gives her some encouragement because he’s just an awesome old dude.

"I'm glad you taught me about responsible drinking habits"

“I’m glad you taught me about responsible drinking habits”

As the Suiran team is walking around town, they talk about how happy they are that they have no competition anymore. (Because, for reals, are there any other high schools around with water polo teams?) And then Naoya comes to let them know that he’s NOT GIVING UP. That’s just how Naoya rolls.

"I came to rain on your parade... wait, we did this joke twice already?"

“I came to rain on your parade… wait, we did this joke twice already?”

And then Naoya loses his wallet as he walks away. Oops. I’m sure nothing bad will come from that turn of events!*

*Something bad will come from this turn of events.

In the next scene, Torao and Rei are walking together (well actually Rei is walking behind him, which in my opinion, is probably a bad sign for any relationship but whatever). Rei says that Torao needs to say things more clearly and Torao points out that Rei totally still likes Ryuji. Awkward.

"Talking about my feelings is such a pain"

“Talking about my feelings is such a pain”

That evening, Chiharu finds Naoya practicing all by himself and it is just really sad. Poor guy. In fact, Chiharu feels so bad about it that she jumps in the pool so he won’t have to practice alone.

"It's okay. I'm pretty sure this outfit isn't dry-clean only"

“It’s okay. I’m pretty sure this outfit isn’t dry-clean only”

(I’m sorry about the fact that the only thing I could think of during this scene was that Oomasa Aya is only about 2 years older than Nakajima Yuto)

Oh and btw, Nice Principal was watching the whole thing. Is that kinda creepy? I’m pretty sure my high school principal would have just fired Chiharu. But my high school principal was not cool like this old dude is.

And this week in Nagisa storylines, the poor girl gets sick. But it’s okay because Naoya is there to take care of her.


“How did you get into my bedroom AGAIN?”

She was a bit confused and asked if he had more important things to do and his answer was “Nagisa is more important.” That was cute. Then the romantic music started to play and Naoya came closer, and Nagisa made this face in anticipation for a kiss:

"Is this going to hurt?"

“Is this going to hurt?”

And then the music slowed down and we realize that Naoya was just getting that close so he could put leeks (or were they onions?) around her neck. That’ll cure all illness!

Oblivious Naoya strikes again!

Oblivious Naoya strikes again!

Nagisa, of course, called him an idiot. Never change Naoya. Never change!

At school, Chiharu tries to get the plot moving again by passing out Naoya’s training camp invites to the team. Hopefully, that’ll guilt-trip them into joining the team again!

"These are better than coupons!"

“These are better than coupons!” 

Finally, it’s the day of Naoya’s training camp. We get a little montage to see what everyone is doing. The Baka Trio is at the concert to see their idol. Chiaki and Kouki also have other plans that involve monks. (LOL WHAT?) Over at Suiran, Torao challenges Ryuji again before Coach Lady can announce their new positions. Oh, and Naoya runs into Kanna the idol… because she took a walk and now she’s lost.

"This GPS doesn't talk to me so I'm lost." "...that's a map"

“This GPS doesn’t talk to me so now I’m lost.”
“…that’s a map”

Kanna tells him that she wants to see Suiran because she heard their water polo team is really cool. Of course, Naoya tells her that there’s an even better team: KasuKou! Naoya takes her where she needs to be and then leaves, wondering who she was. Typical Naoya.

At Suiran, Ryuji loses again to Torao but Coach Lady still assigns him the “Floater Back” position. I’m assuming that’s a really good one to have? But Ryuji decides that he’s going back to KasuKou. He tells Torao that he can’t beat him but Naoya can. Coach Lady isn’t too happy about this. But too bad for her, because Ryuji is leaving and not coming back! So I still don’t really understand why Ryuji did the whole transferring and then transferring back thing. I watched this scene several times but I still couldn’t manage to decipher the dialogue enough to figure it out. If anyone out there has more insight, feel free to share it in the comments! I’m just going to guess that he realized his real friends were at KasuKou and not at Suiran? (Sorry Nagisa)

*insert dramatic walking away music here*

*insert dramatic walking away music here*

As for the rest of the team, Chiaki and Kouki decide the go to the training camp.

"You don't want to know where I was keeping these"

“You don’t want to know where I was keeping these”

And the Baka Trio hears Kanna talk about how a nice dude with blond hair showed her the way when she was lost. She told the crowd how that guy talked about his awesome friends and their awesome water polo team, and then she cheered “Good luck KasuKou Mizu Tama Bu!” Of course, the Baka Trio knew they had to go back and rejoin the team.

"Ah, the power of love!"

“Ah, the power of love!”

So yay! And then Ryuji walks in and the whole team is back together! He apologizes and everything is great again.

"Am I too late for the group bonding session?"

“Am I too late for the group bonding session?”

At least, it’s all good until Mean Vice Principal walks in and announces that Naoya has been expelled! OH NO!

"I came to rain on your... oh nevermind"

“I came to rain on your… oh nevermind”

So I’m guessing this new plot point all comes back to Naoya losing his wallet earlier in the episode. From the preview, the next episode looks exciting. I swear there was even a bit where Naoya punches Mean Vice Principal! That can’t be good.

Overall, this wasn’t a bad episode! It still had it’s funny moments (LOL corn! LOL Baka Trio fanboying! LOL home remedies!) and we also resolved the Ryuji problem from the last episode. (Again, my apologies for not being able to make more sense of it) And, of course, there was the whole “you are not alone” theme to remind everyone of the power of friendship. I’m hoping that the next episode builds on this idea because the team spent a lot of time apart during this episode, so we didn’t get to see any actual bonding until the end (before everything came crashing down again).

On a side note, I really liked how well the director handled the separate storylines in this episode. To me, it felt like all the characters were getting good amounts of screentime so that their individual stories for this episode could progress. (Although, there was not nearly enough Chiaki and Kouki. Sorry boys.) I thought that many scenes were paired up nicely together, like the beginning when Naoya’s sad face cuts to Ryuji’s brooding face, or later when Nagisa asks Ryuji about his friends and the scene cuts to Naoya talking to Chiharu about the team. I like the way all that was set up.

But enough of me rambling! What were your thoughts on this episode? As always, feel free to leave a comment!

Lastly, here are a few serious/fun questions:

1.) Which storylines are you most interested in? For example: Naoya? The Baka Trio? Torao and the weird love triangle? Or do you like all of them equally?

2.) If you played a sport, did you always go to practice?

3.) In terms of the romance, what couples are you hoping get together by the end of the show? (I’m still sort of meh about the romance so I’m curious about other’s opinions here.)

4.) Do you have any ridiculous home remedies to get rid of a cold?

See you next week for episode seven!


8 thoughts on “Suikyuu Yankees Episode 6 Recap/Review: You are not alone!

  1. Hi, we’ve been talking about Suikyu for the past couple of days, and so I dug a little further when you linked me your chart. 😛
    I’m sorry if that was creepy, or if you are sick of me, or both. >_<
    but i had to let you know THIS HAD ME IN TEARS. If there are any typos it's because I can't see.

    I really hope this series doesn't end without Torao pushing Ryuji in the pool. Come on. 3 more episodes (….cries) to go, surely Torao wants to push him in the pool almost as much as we want him to. ….ahem.

    CORN. I'm also hoping that corn plays an integral part in /every single episode/ from now on, because wow, Suikyu writers you have ruined me. CORN FOR ALL.

    Naoya oh man, I kind of just want to cry every time I see his face. HE WAS SO RIDICULOUSLY DETERMINED after his small sulk back in episode 5, but then everybody ditched him except for Chiharu, but even she didn't believe him at first, and he's just swimming forlornly in the pool trying to play catch with himself. Oh Naoya, you big baby.

    ROFL RESPONSIBLE DRINKING. TORAO'S FEELINGS. Look at that smoulder and that hair.
    (Rei girl, I hope to see you not walking behind him anymore sjflhkjanvmckck)

    I also lost it at DRY-CLEAN ONLY. Chiharu-senseiiiiiiiii.
    Speaking of Oomasa Aya x Yuto, did you see their shoot in Non-no? T____________T /adds another ship to ever-growing collection of ships
    A game of battleships, anyone?

    “How did you get into my bedroom AGAIN?” <—– THIS. Their household obviously has locks as we learnt in episode 5, so either Nagisa always forgets to lock her door (but really, how long as Naoya been living in her house she should remember by now), Nagisa's lock is broken, or Naoya is just REALLY good at picking locks.
    but argh this scene was pretty cute. Though I wouldn't make that face if Yuto were going to kiss me, but to each her own. (I mean what? I said nothing. /looks away) The leek NAOYA LOL PLEASE. Now I keep wondering whether this is another vegetable that will make it into future episodes.

    I think Ryuji joined Suiran because he knew Coach Lady wanted him in the team really badly, and he kept wondering what she saw in him. Like obviously he's good, but he's not good enough to beat Torao in a one-on-one match, so he thought that by pretending to join their team, he'd figure out what his skill was and then they'd be able to use it to Kasu High's advantage. So during that match Coach Lady said his skill is that he's super strategic, and is really quick at assessing the surroundings, and then when he heard that Ryuji was all "THANKS 😀 that's really all i wanted from you hehehe. Okay, thanks Coach Lady, I don't wanna join your team because I'm really part of Kasu High still, even though everybody believed my lie, BYE.” Well-played, Ryuji, but wow you pissed off so many people. What I really love most about this is how Suiran so readily accepted that Ryuji wanted to come back. HE SPENT SO LONG AVOIDING YOU. HE LEFT ON HIS OWN ACCORD. HE THINKS YOU’RE A BUNCH OF STUCK UP TWATS. but this is a drama, I guess, and weirder things have already happened in every episode of this one. xD

    I really liked this episode! I thought the way everything was set up was really nice, like you said. I really need to watch episode 7 soon. ;_;

    I just wrote you an essay about episode 6. ;_; Instead of writing, or doing my homework, Well done, me. I guess since I’m here I might as well go all out.

    1.) Which storylines are you most interested in?
    Probably Naoya! I still don’t know what he wants, except that he wants to revive KasuKou. But what are his thoughts about blond Yoko? Does he want to find blond Yoko? How was his life affected after he met blond Yoko? (besides dyeing his hair a completely different shade of blond, wearing his school jacket, going to his school, becoming a Yankee. I wanna see how the process started, but now that I’ve said I want this, I probably won’t get it.)
    ALSO CHIHARU. I know nothing about Chiharu, was she a former student of KasuKou, did she look up to blond Yoko too, QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS.
    And ReixTorao, sigh. /shakes them both

    2.) If you played a sport, did you always go to practice?
    Yup. My mother made me. xD

    3.) In terms of the romance, what couples are you hoping get together by the end of the show? (I’m still sort of meh about the romance so I’m curious about other’s opinions here.)
    Rofl the Naoya x Nagisa x Ryuji hurts me so I don’t wanna think about it. I ship both pairings though, so I guess I’ll be happy with whoever if it’s done well, like loose ends tied up, and their getting together makes sense. I know it’s a lot to ask for, sigh.
    If Nagisa x Naoya do get together, I hope Riko won’t be sad! But she’s pretty shrewd, if they did get together she’d probably already know about their feelings and have a hand in it. Maybe. Again, Japanese dramas.
    REI X TORAO 4EVA but only if they’re both happy. u____u

    4.) Do you have any ridiculous home remedies to get rid of a cold?
    I drink a ton of tea, which probably isn’t good. Honestly, it’d probably be better to tie a leek around my neck.

    I have a craving for corn now, LOL.

    • Aaaaaaaaaah this comment is excellent!! HI! I certainly don’t mind you creepin on my blog! (I was too shy to directly link it *hides*)

      As soon as Takaki was cast as “the rival” in this drama, I had been hoping for a scene where he pushes someone into the pool! ANYBODY. Of course, that’s not really something his character would seemingly do… but maybe if he got really angry…? Haha, either way, I’m still crossing my fingers for it!

      Let’s be real, corn should be credited as one of the main cast members! It makes me so hungry every time I watch it, which also makes me sad because there’s no corn left in my garden. D:

      I think my favorite part about Naoya is that water polo is BASICALLY HIS WHOLE LIFE NOW. Ahahaha. His enthusiasm is great! Plus Yuto makes the best faces!

      I always hate that girl-walks-behind-boyfriend thing in dramas, but maybe Rei does it because she likes Torao’s butt? I’m gonna go with that because that’ll make everything better.

      I think I did see that Yuto/Aya photoshoot wandering around twitter somewhere. It was cute!!
      LOL a game of battleship is accurate.

      Oops now I want to write crack fic where Naoya teaches himself to pick locks. AHAHAHA. orz I think leeks should make more appearances too. Hooray for healthy eating? 😀

      THANK YOU for this explanation about Ryuji! That makes much more sense now. I tried rewatching that scene a few times but my listening comprehension skills always fail me at the most important moments. I was yelling at my screen “STOP TALKING SO FAST” even though it wasn’t that fast. Haha. I wish Ryuji had let everyone know about the plan but then we wouldn’t have had a storyline. Oh well! It was a good learning experience for him.

      I’M SORRY I DISTRACTED YOU FROM IMPORTANT THINGS. (I love this excellent comment tho ❤ )

      1.) We are totally overdue for a Naoya flashback story. I wanna know things too! (If I makes you feel better, episode 7 is very Naoya-focused even though we don't get a lot of backstory)
      And yes, we definitely need more Chiharu info!!
      All I want to know about Torao/Rei is whether they started dating before or after Ryuji left. (I don't think they've said this in the show have they?)

      2.) Saaaaaaame

      3.) Love triangles always distress me because I don't want people to be left out! I think I was leaning towards Nagisa/Ryuji when they pushed each other in the pool but then I started leaning towards Nagisa/Naoya with the leek incident. Like we've said before: TOO MANY CHOICES.
      Haha, I figure Riko would just be the third wheel if Naoya/Nagisa get together because SHE'S ALWAYS THERE! But, yeah, I agree, she's quite sneaky. 😀
      OH! Maybe Riko can get together with poor unrequited love Baka Trio guy???

      4.) Tea is good though, right? ^_^ Let me know how that leek thing turns out for you, okay. 😀

      Thanks again for this lovely comment!! Looking forward to hopefully chatting about episode 7 with you too (if you aren't sick of me yet!)

  2. ROFLL it’s okay, thanks to your awesome chart I have found it now!! AND I’M REALLY GLAD I DID XD

    YEssss or maybe if his character becomes really happy in the end. >.> “HAHA THIS IS WHAT FRIENDLY PEOPLE DO RIGHT PUSH PEOPLE IN THE POOL.” Though honestly I’m really glad they’re showing more sides to Torao than in the beginning. xD

    It really should be!!! xD Ugh I feel you, I have such a major craving for corn every time I watch an episode. I DON’T UNDERSTAND THOUGH surely it’s not healthy to have a diet consisting solely of corn. NAOYA. NAOYA BB what are you doing.

    SAME AHAHAHA that was a quick turnaround of events. He’s the cutestttttttt. And yes!! Yuto’s faces are great. I’m super biased, but I’m really proud of his acting in this drama, especially in episode 7.

    maybe Rei does it because she likes Torao’s butt?
    I LIKE THIS THEORY. IMMA ADOPT IT AS MY HEADCANON TOO. But yeah, the girl-walking-behind-the-guy thing makes me so sad. >.>


    No problem! Yeah I know right, it felt really weird (AND SO TYPICALLY JDRAMA-ISH) for Ryuji to not say anything in advance, especially after their renewed group bonds. Sighs oh well.

    (xDD That makes it all worth it then <3)

    1. Nope, they haven't said anything. It's so ambiguous sometimes I still don't even know if they're properly dating, or if they just have this kind of weird obsession with each other. /shakes fist at the two of them
    2. xD D:
    3. Saaaaaaame. Esp in televised love triangles, someone always seems to be left out in the end and really hurt AND I WANT NEITHER OF THEM TO BE HURT jsldhfjanbd
    Right? It really could go either way sighs, writers why do you play with our hearts so.
    AWWWW YES that would be cute.
    4. XDD Will do.

    No problem! xD Thanks for writing these recaps, they are wonderful. Going to go and roll over to episode 7's recap now~

    • Happy Torao pushing people into the pool is crack fic worthy as well. TROLOLOL.I would love that. (Although I love that his character has grown some, I miss the Torao from episode one who was not afraid to play dirty and try to drown people!)

      ALL OF THE CORN!! 😀 In the summer, my diet basically consists entirely of corn and squash and I haven’t died yet! *cheesy thumbs up* So I guess Naoya will be okay… probably. LOL

      I am partially shipping Ryuji/Torao just so Rei can learn that she’s a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need to follow boys around. Will that work??? (Nah, I’ll just stick to the butt theory)

      I will add lock-picking!Naoya to my list of things to write!!

      1.) I think the tension between Torao and Ryuji would make more sense if only I knew when they started dating!! Curse you ambiguity!! *shakes fist* Oh well, if the show never explains it, that means I can write whatever the heck I want in my ficsssss. (LOL at weird obsession with each other. Maybe that’s how Torao confessed… “hey, so I noticed that we are basically always together. All the time. Let’s date?”)

      😀 I’m rolling over to see your comment of episode 7’s post~

      • ME TOO now that I’m thinking about it properly lmaooooooo. Oh Torao. The world needs more of you.
        (OH YES. That first episode really really shocked me, and I liked it. xD WHO’S READY FOR INTER-HIGHS? /RAISES HANDS. ME. Although KasuKou is probably not…yet, anyway.)

        ROFL okay, good to know then! Naoya, carry on then.

        just so Rei can learn that she’s a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need to follow boys around.
        Yessssssssss. I really hope she does, and if she doesn’t I will write it. Again. And I will be looking forward to yours, too. xD
        But the butt theory is excellent, yes.


        1. IKR. I hope we’re told. But yesssss that’s true. \o/
        (ROFLLLLLL i almost laughed out loud in the library. I can see Torao saying that, yes I can.)

        • Suikyuu Yankees: Inter-Highs can be the title of season two. I CAN DREAM CAN’T I?? 😀

          Yes I would love to read another one of your fics based on Torao/Rei/Ryuji! I loved the first one so… SEQUEL SEQUEL SEQUEL. *blinks innocently*

          (I’m going to remember this for my future Torao fic. Mwahahahaha)

  3. THAT’S PERFECT. Gonna dream with you.

    Awww thanks!! I’m really glad you liked it. ❤ AHAHA maybe, I really want to write more of them so. *___*

    (:D 😀 😀 😀 :D)

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