Suikyuu Yankees Episode 7 Recap/Review: A Case of Mistaken Identity

suiyan 7 group meeting

So we’ve reached episode seven! And finally we have some conflict concerning Naoya! Even though Naoya is pretty much the main character, the story’s conflict has up until now centered around Ryuji. Naoya, on the other hand, has been gung-ho about water polo since the beginning. So here we have an episode that questions everything Naoya is about. Will he get kicked off the team and out of school? And how much does he really love water polo? Let’s find out!

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Suikyuu Yankees Episode 6 Recap/Review: You are not alone!

Episode six teaches us all a very important lesson. It’s a lesson that we have heard countless times before, but somehow always need to be reminded about. And that is: You are not alone!

In a drama about friendship, this is a vital lesson! And therefore, this is a vital episode! Let’s talk about what happened!

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Suikyuu Yankees Episode 4 Review: Let’s Get Stronger! (cue the training montage)

So we have arrived at episode 4 and it was not the team’s first water polo match as the preview led us to believe. Instead, we get more character bonding, some back story (for Chiaki and his friend Kouki this time), and a nice training montage. In terms of pacing, it slows the plot a little which might not be best for such a short series, but we still got a lot of information and some fun happens. So let’s discuss!

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Suikyuu Yankees Recap Episode 1: Welcome to Ridiculous

I’m currently watching Suikyu Yankees, a Japanese drama airing on Saturday nights on Fuji TV. The title translates to Water Polo Yankees. (Yankee is a sort of old fashioned term for high school delinquents) Since it’s a fun series, I’ve decided to recap the episodes and share my thoughts. Just as a note, I’m watching it in Japanese without subtitles, so there are some things I don’t understand. But I still understand enough to recap the episode at least! So here we go with episode one! I didn’t take any screencaps for this one but the rest of the recaps will have them.

Let’s go!

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