My (Current) Top 3 Opening Sequences: American TV Version

I’m a big fan of TV shows with opening sequences. Sure, it’s easier and cheaper to just throw a title card onscreen, but a full opening title sequence makes me excited about the show I’m about to watch. There’s just something about great music and great visuals that makes the experience of watching a TV show more fun.

So I’ve compiled a short list of my favorite opening sequences currently on American TV right now. (Please let me know if any of these videos get deleted, so I can replace the links) Here we go:

3.) Sleepy Hollow

I believe Sleepy Hollow is one of the most ridiculous shows I’ve watched in a long time. The plot is crazy, fast-paced and basically a hot mess. But somehow it all works. Just like the show itself, the opening sequence is a lot of fun with weird visuals and eerie music. The reason I like the opening is because it contains important images from the series. If you’re watching for the first time, it gives you some sort of idea what the show is about. Another thing that works is that the actors are shown onscreen while their names are credited. It helps you match the names with the faces. The string music accompanying the visuals really adds to the creepy tone of the show as well.

2.) Teen Wolf

I started watching Teen Wolf during its third season on a whim. I’m usually pretty wary about MTV shows in general, but it turns out that Teen Wolf is actually hilarious. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. All around though, it’s a really fun show. But I think a large part of why I watch the show is because of the opening sequence.

The visuals are kinda silly. I won’t deny that. (LOL at levitating!Scott) And they certainly don’t tell you much about the show. But the accompanying music? Epic. Seriously, the way the strings keep building up, almost like frantic running, really captures the tone of the show.

Confession: the opening theme music gets stuck in my head ALL THE TIME. And I have to admit, anything I am doing becomes ten times more epic. Sorting through papers at work? Feels much more important with that music playing. Feeding the dogs? I feel like I should be walking in dramatic slow motion towards the dog bowl with that music playing.

Seriously, try it out. Go clean your toilet to this music. Let me know how that goes.

1.) Elementary

This is my absolutely favorite opening sequence because it’s perfect for Elementary. The entire sequence is one complicated Rube Goldberg machine. These things are intricate with each part interlocking together towards one goal. Much like a Rube Goldberg machine, Elementary is a complex show full of details that come together to create something great. I’m not talking about the cases by the way. The complexities of Elementary lie within the characters on the screen. People are complicated. The Sherlock of this show is struggling as a recovering drug addict. The Watson of this show is looking to find her way in life. There are so many moving parts that make up a single person. And each episode is like one part of a giant Rube Goldberg machine, building on the episode before it to create not just fascinating characters but fascinating people. The opening sequence is really just a stunning visual metaphor for the entire show.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that the music here is absolutely wonderful. As the visuals get more complex, the music does too. Really nice touch.

You might have noticed that the thing all three of these opening have in common is the use of string instruments in the music. That’s my personal preference. I love the different ways a string instrument can sound.

So what do you think? Here are some questions to think about:

Do you agree with my top three choices?

Do you dislike any of them?

Would you watch a crappy TV show just because you like the opening?

Would you start watching a TV show just because you thought the opening was interesting?

Do you like string music?

What is your list of top three openings?


3 thoughts on “My (Current) Top 3 Opening Sequences: American TV Version

  1. I think those openings are pretty sweet!
    I probably…wouldn’t watch a crap show just for the opening, though. Not with the wonders of YouTube.
    I might start watching a show if the opening seemed interesting, though…
    String music is balleeeer!
    Top three openings? No idea. But I do have to say that I love the opening for Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and though I know next to nothing about the show itself, the opening for Game of Thrones is pretty cool.

    • Question: are any of these openings interesting enough for you to start watching these shows? (Imagine you know nothing about them)

      Flying Circus does indeed have an epic opening. Perhaps, I’ll make a post sometime about the greatest openings of all time!

      Now I’m off to look up the Game of Thrones opening.


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